Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Day 516 - Testing, Testing!

July 8, 2014

Woke up early at 5:00 am today so that I could get to Santa Monica by 7:30 am for an appointment at Phase IV again. 

I had a resting metabolic rate test done. This is where they measure your breathing for 24 minutes to determine how much fat or carbs you are burning when resting. The test also shows exactly what your caloric needs are and what kind of metabolism you have. 
What I learned was that I need about 2500 calories to lose weight and that I am currently burning about 60% carbs and 40% fat at rest. I was told that by eating a little more protein during the day, I could up the ratios to 50% carbs and 50% fat. And by eating more, we are not talking about eating meat for me, we are talking about an extra serving of plant based protein powder. That is all. I am no where even close to being protein defecient. I believe that by eating raw, I naturally discovered fell into the correct calorie range and that is why I started to lose the weight. Also, I burn more efficiently, the food I eat.
The other thing that I learned that was pretty shocking was that my metabolism is in faster range again. This really took me by surprise as my metabolism has been losing the snails race for a couple decades! Eating raw and training has finally sped up my metabolic rate. And lastly, I was told that if I ate less than those 2500 calories, then my body would go into survival mold and hold onto the fat.

Well that's it for now. I know the post have been sparse the last couple weeks and I apologize loyal readers. My work schedule has affected my training to and it is making me crazy not getting out there. The plantar fasciitis is still an issue but it's improving. If it's not better by Tuesday, I'm going to run anyways! Until tomorrow my friends.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Day 514 - Rollin', Rollin', Rollin' and Swimming!!!

July 6, 2014       235.4 lbs.

Hey guys, sorry for being MIA! I have more work now than I can take and have been underwater for a couple weeks now.

First let me give a shout out to my new sponsor! Thanks for the rollers Matt! These are some very nice rollers and effective tools for active release. If you are training, you want to be rollin'. The day I got them I rolled my plantar fasciitis foot over the small one and it immediately felt better! Give them some attention.

My plantar fasciitis is better but not 100%. I am itching to get out and run though. I hope everyone had a great 4th of July!

Emotionally, I feel.  .  .  strange. The only way to describe it is, I feel like my soul is being turned inside out. Now, I know that sounds strong, but I actually mean it in a good way! It's very weird and I think it is related to eating raw food somehow. I just feel "lifted up" in a weird way. At the same time, I seem to be very sensitive to negativity. I can't really explain further. I know this is going to sound hippy drippy or metaphysical or something like that, but I feel like the energy inside my body is changing. And I am not even into vibrational energy or metaphysical stuff personally. It is just how I feel.

Today I swam in Alamitos Bay with my new buddy Roland Valdez who brought a friend whom introduced himself as "Dio." At witch point I had to suppress an urge to make "devil horns" with my hands, stick out my tongue and bang my head.

 Of course, Dio was a swimmer since high school and took off, not to be seen again until the end.

 I had 3500 yards assigned which is 1.9 miles. Water felt great. My wetsuit is still chaffing the heck out of my neck even though I used both Body Glide and Bag Balm! I have marks all around my neck now!  .  .  Sigh  .  .  .

At the end of the swim, I like to take a few minutes and just float and connect with the water. Movement is life and the ocean is nothing but. I spent a few moments hovering like I was Iron Man or some kind of superhero taking it all in and being at peace. With the sun going down casting the palm trees in silhouette and me gently drifting in the warm water,  I was content.

Until tomorrow my friends.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Day 509 - Weight Loss Check In.

July 1, 2014                  234.8 lbs

Not much of a post today as my plantar fasciitis is still acting up and today is a run day. I just wanted to mention that I passed the 235 lb barrier today in my weight loss. WHAAAHHHOOOOO!!!

Until tomorrow my friends,

Day 507 - Measuring Effort In The Big Blue.

June 29, 2014             235.8 lbs

Big swim Sunday! Well, only 3000 yards. But 2000 were timed at race pace.

I was going to meet up with Roland Valdez, but got caught up with errands so I ended up getting to Alamitos Bay in the early evening. 

The water was great and I got to stretch out and work on my technique. The swim area that is buoyed off is .25 of a mile each length, which is perfect . I did my time trail in 2000 yards = 43:40.

One thing that is becoming a problem is the chafing from my current wetsuit.

A friend on Instagram mentioned Bag Balm to help soothe and heal it so I'm trying it out. I also received my stretching device to help with my plantar fasciitis. We will see what happens.

That is it for now. Until tomorrow my friends.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Day 506 - A Short Jaunt Down The Road!

June 28, 2014              

Hi all! Today I started of by having two raw food "cooking" classes. After the classes, I headed out to the trail where I got to really see what riding with the latest training zones was like.

 Honestly, it felt like I was starting from the beginning. As it was v-e-r-y easy to reach my mid Zone 2 heart rate of 125 bpm. At the same time, my mind kept telling me it felt "wrong." Like I wasn't working hard enough. Sigh.  .  . I ate the date and cashew ride fuel from last week and had no issues. Those little energy blocks are very tasty

I'm working on a video of the ride to post soon. Until tomorrow my friends!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Day 503 - Flying On The Ocean and New Training Zones!

June 25, 2014            238 lbs

What a week! Sorry for the delay, busy, busy, busy! I made the conscious decision to put sleep before blog and it is helping. Also, I have a minor injury aka plantar fasciitis. I finally got my blood lactate results back and new heart rate training zones. To sum up how I felt when I saw the difference between my old training zones and the new, I was shocked! Here are my old zones and what I have been training with as a guide for the past year plus:

First Blood Lactate Test  (2-26-13)

Z2 Bike HR - 135-145
Z3 Bike HR - 145-160
Z4 Bike HR - 160-170

Z2 Run HR: 140-150 
Z3 Run HR: 150-165 
Z4 Run HR: 165-175

Here are my new training zones.

Second Blood Lactate Test (6-18-14)

Z2 Bike HR - 120-130
Z3 Bike HR - 130-145
Z4 Bike HR - 145-155

Z2 Run HR: 128-138
Z3 Run HR: 138-153
Z4 Run HR: 153-163

Id say that is a big difference! This explains why I felt I had to work so hard to get to my Z2 heart rate. Honestly, I should have done the test sooner as I have been training in the wrong zones for several months and not getting the most benefit from the training. Oh well, can only move forward!

I had an interesting week.

 Saturday I had a 5 hour ride. I had a raw food cooking class that I had to attend for The Boss who was out of town. I know raw food cooking class sounds like an oxymoron but it was really cool. As soon as I finished I was off to Encanto Park.

 Unfortunately I had the worse case of "gut rot" from eating way too much fiber right before the ride combined with a very large batch of a sweet smoothie.

 Made the entire ride miserable. I couldn't even get into aero position.

 I was trying a new ride fuel I made up with The Boss made from dates and cashews.


 I loved them because they were each about 200 calories and much smaller and lighter than rice cakes. But because I had an upset gut, I couldn't fairly evaluate them. So I planned to try them out again.

On Monday, The Boss had made arrangements for us to go parasailing! As a belated birthday present.

 Normally, I have a lot of trouble with heights, but this time, I had no trouble at all. I was completely comfortable. Strange. I get dizzy on a ladder!

I can't wait to do training with the new zones.

Until tomorrow my friends!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Day 496 - Blood Lactate Test 2.0

June 18, 2014                      

 Today I had my blood lactate test done at Phase IV in Santa Monica.

I had to not workout for two days prior to the test. Eat four to six hours before the test with no eating three hours before. Also, no caffeine, not that I take any.

I arrived on time and the technician, Aishea, quickly put my bike on a Comp-U-Trainer and prepped for the test.  Basically, I warmed up with light pedaling for ten minutes.  Then the test began with the resistance set at 100 watts and my blood was taken. Every four minutes, blood was taken from the side of my finger and the resistance was turned up by 25 watts. I made it too 250 watts and held it for much longer than the first test.

I finished the test and went to the beach to wait for The Boss to finish work.

I don't know why but for some time now, the ocean has called to me. I feel both happy and energized when I'm at the ocean.

  The Boss arrived finally and we went to Rawvelution where we enjoyed a fine tasty meal.

I should get the results back tomorrow or the following day. Until tomorrow my friends.