Sunday, April 20, 2014

Day 437 - A Very Long Riide, But It Could Be Longer!

April 19, 2014

Recently, I have cleaned up my diet a lot and so far, seem to be losing weight. I have also been studying fueling with real food as apposed to the processed crap that seem to be the acceptable norm. I have been reading and studying Dr. Allen Lim and Chef Biju Thomas' book Feed Zone Portables.  In it, Dr. Lim explains in finite detail how much, how often and what to eat and hydrate with. I have been playing around with rice cakes as fuel and tweeking my hydration to try to get it just right. So yesterday, I made a couple of batches of rice cakes. I had worked out that two rice cakes an hour should keep me well fueled.  Combined with drinking every fifteen minutes, I felt ready to test it.

I made a "breakfast" cakes made with rice, sprouted tofu and tempeh bacon.  I found the recipe online and adjusted it slightly.

 I also made  an apple cinnamon based off of a Portables recipe.

I got to Encanto Park by about 3:30 pm and quickly took off not wanting to waste more time.

It was a nice day and people were enjoying being outside on the trail. 

This pic looks normal enough. Just a guy out for a run.  .  .  Except, this guy was running towards me, backwards. Yup.

I got back to Encanto Park, just after sunset. I made it all the way to Long Beach. 65.28 miles in 4:46:11. I burned 2371 calories.

During the ride I had to pee twice meaning I was doing something really right with the ole hydration. I took four water bottles filled with Skratch Labs Hydration mix and my Camelback 50 oz filled with filtered water.

Without realizing it, I had "PR'd" on several ride elements according to Strava!

During the ride, I had no upset stomach issues and seemed to respond well to the timing also. I really enjoyed the rice cakes and will use them as much as I can in the future. Until tomorrow my friends.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day 436 - Workin on Some Night Moves!

April 18, 2014               249.8 lbs

 Today I had a one hour run with the last fifteen in zone three. The Boss really wanted to take The Puppy to a local canyon and hike.

So with the sun quickly setting we made out way to Stough Canyon in Burbank, CA. We got to the trail head and I noticed a lot of cars parked. Yet as we scaled the hill, we saw only a single bike light way farther up the mountain.
I love the view at the top. When I step out, its as if the sky in engulfing me. That and it feels like it is almost 365°,

Well it is 5:00 am and I need to get up and ride for four and a half hours. Until tomorrow me friends

Friday, April 18, 2014

Day 435 - Eating Clean and Living Lean!

April 17, 2014

Another day in the big blue! Whew, two big swims in a row. I got my butt kicked by a couple teenagers goofing around after being in the pool an hour. Sigh. . . I would be lying if I didn't acknowledge that I get frustrated always being so slow. Here is the workout:

3500 yards - 300 swim, 200 catch up, 100 swim.  9x50 slow/med/fast with 10 sec rest.  9x100 steady pace with 10 sec. rest.  9x50 fins REALLY fast with 15 sec. rest. 9x100 breathin every 3,4,5 by 100 - 3x through. 200 warm down.

 I love drills like this. Keeps things from becoming monotonous. I felt a little fatigue from yesterdays workout but it passed. A whole gaggle of teens got into the pool as soon as I arrived but they were respectful and they stayed out of my way.

The second workout was a one hour and fifteen minute easy ride. I don't have any pictures from it though.

I'm tired, but I'm pretty sure I'm losing weight. All from eating clean. Until tomorrow my friends.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Day 434 - Water In, Water Out!

April 16, 2014                     

Hi all! A lot of working out today. First up, I had the swim workout from yesterday:

800 warm up with 200 kick, 200 pull build in - 800 every 3rd length head up drill - 3x600 200 kick/pull/swim build 600s 1-3.

I decided for the first time to take my water bottle with me. Don't know why I never took one before. So I loaded up some Skratch Labs Hydration mix and got to the pool at the perfect time. Sunny, water was warm, no one in the pool.

It was a good workout but all those kick drills slow me down like crazy. 

Next up, I had an hours easy chillin' run. I forgot to get an accountability picture though so here is the Garmin file. 

Decided to check my sweat loss for the run because of how different the conditions are from the other day, (night, cool out.)

Temp 59°
Starting weight:  250.8 lbs
After weight:      248.6 lbs
Water loss:              2.2 lbs

I will let you know, I'm exhausted now. Until tomorrow my friends.

Michael S. Pack

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Day 433 - Testing Sweet Sweat.

April 15, 2014        250.6 lbs

So today I had a bric workout assigned. A one hour ride with 8x1 minute Z3 sprints up hill. I also had a swim but I ended up with not enough time to do the full workout so I decided to do it tomorrow with the run assigned.

I have wanted to measure my sweat loss during training so that I can more accurately gauge my hydration needs. So I did it today!

Basically, you weigh yourself right before you train for an hour. Then weigh yourself immediately after training. If you drank anything during training, you need to factor that in. I didn't, so it made it easier. I used a hydration calculator.

Temp: 84°
Starting weight:                  252 lbs (This was after breakfast.)
After weight:                      248.6 lbs
Liquid oz Consumed:             0

Final Sweat Loss:                   3.4 lbs

Total hydration required for one hour of exercise: 61 oz

Now this was according to the hydration calculator I randomly found online. That would be 15.25 oz every fifteen minutes. Or about two cups. That seems like a lot to me so I am going to double check it. Then again, if it is correct, it would explain some things regarding my long rides.

Okay, enough for now. Its almost 4:40 am and I have to get up and work/workout.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Day 430 - A Long Ride On A Long Trail.

April 12, 2014      251.6 lbs

Hello all!

A lot has happened over the past week. First off, my coach sent me an e-mail that said, "No excuses, you do every hour of training this week!" and then I immediately got a good job that had me working from early to late plus a few smaller jobs. So I missed six hours of training all together! But I sure was happy to work, I needed it.

Last Sunday, I decided that I needed to stop drinking all together.  .  .  so I did. I had a moment of clarity where I realized that I was drinking to avoid dealing with stuff. A dangerous thing for someone with a history of addiction. And I just didn't like how I felt.

So starting last Monday, April 7, 2014, no more. I started eating very clean as well. It was kind of weird as I quickly began craving raw fruit and vegetables. I ate some cooked stuff but very little oil, sugar or salt. Lots of filtered water as well.

Today I had a four hour Z2 ride so I went to Encanto Park and the San Gabriel River trail! I felt really good about my fueling. I ate cinnamon oatmeal with blueberries two hours before I got there and a Pure bar as soon as I arrived at the park. I alternated drinking Skratch Labs Hydration mix and filtered water, (three big gulps), every fifteen minutes. It seemed to work great! Then I got into a sprint contest with a kid on a single gear bike who was keeping up even though I was riding very hard and my heart rate zone was 5! This scrawny kid was drafting me as though it was not even difficult. On a single speed!

Sigh.  .  .  I never seem to improve.

Though I must admit that I was surprised at how long I stayed in the zone five heart rate, (175 bpm). I got to the halfway point and suddenly felt bad for a few minutes. Then all the sudden, I was fine again, I don't know. I've been reading The Feedzone Portables book where Allen Lim discusses eating about 400 calories per hour if riding at a moderate pace. This is a very general guideline.

One thing I noticed. Along the trail, all the sudden were many homeless camps. There have always been a couple but I was surprised at the number now dotting the landscape. I worry about this because so many of these poor individuals have very expensive bikes.  .  . 

I got to use my Christmas present from The Boss today. A bike multi tool. As soon as I began riding my left knee starting bugging me. It felt like the cleat needed adjusting. So I pulled over and adjusted it! Immediately it felt better. Thanks Boss!

Final stats: 4h 17min, 57.11 miles, 1148 elevation, 2192 calories burned.

Tomorrow is a bric workout of swimming and running.  Until tomorrow my friends!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Day 426 - Recovery, recovery and recovery!

April 7, 2014 

First, an update! After my half Ironman-ish time test Saturday before last, Chris Hauth told me I need to increase my overall training volume. His exact quote was, "Say goodbye to your weekends!"

Then he gave me the week off to "recover."

I have been working much more recently and I didn't get home until after eight p.m. Almost didn't have time to do my first "(active recovery) workout. Forty-five minutes with the sets of my choice.

I did sinking drills first and had good results with my exhale being strong and full. Then I practiced the American Crawl, aka freestyle. As I swam and found the hypnotic rhythm of the pull and turn and breath, I had a memory of the Gillman from The Creature from The Black Lagoon. The creature swam with his finger/claws spread and I seem to move much quicker doing it as well! Until tomorrow my friends