Sunday, February 17, 2013

Day 10 - Cycling, Sore Butts and Pasadena Rock N Roll Readiness.

February 16, 2013 - 242.8 lbs.

Today was a "brick" workout. Brick is slang for bike and run. I was assigned to do an endurance ride of two hours-thirty minutes and a thirty minute run immediately after. I would like to point out that two and a half hours on the bike can be brutal on your butt bone!
Even with the calf sleeve, I was feeling the leg a lot more today. Frustrating! I had to walk for several minutes of the run. Which reminds me, when I run, I keep my eyes focused on the ground about 10-12 feet in front of me. Sometimes I move so slowly that I don't feel like I'm making much forward progress. I have to look to my side to see any movement. By the end of the bike ride I was starting to race my shadow as it seemed to be Peter Pan-ing me. Did 31 miles, not too bad. At about 1:30:00 in, a young guy blew past me so I took off for the race. I caught him to, but then my gas ran out. Sometimes I feel like an old race horse that has the spirit still, but not the stamina. Although, I guess I never really did have the stamina. I'm pretty tired.

Well, gotta get up at 4:00am to go to Pasadena for the Rock N Roll Mini Marathon and it's almost 1:00am now. I might need to walk it but we will see. Anyways, I made a little animated movie for you of the bike ride tonight. Feel free to submit it to the Academy Awards!


  1. really cool man. we both enjoyed meeting you. hopefully we can get together soon for a hike

    1. Absolutely, give me a call or text.