Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Day 13 - Recovery Week, Runny Nose and Leg Warmers

February 19, 2013  243.8 lbs.

This is my first recovery week. Less overall volume in training and because of my leg, very little running. Thanks coach!

Today was a rainy and cold day here in Lala Land. My workout assignment, Bike ride for 1:30 hours or as Chris Hauth says, "Easy Spin". And since I don't have an indoor trainer, that only left the great outdoors. I waited for the weather to clear but it didn't happen. So around 10:30 pm, I headed out, determined to get some riding in.
First an equipment note. because of the cold weather, I ordered some cycling leg warmers.  .  .and I'm man enough to admit it! Anyways, it was a very good purchase as my legs never got too cold for the entire ride. The brand is Canari and I got them from REI online for under twenty dollars. 
The ride itself was wet and cold with only one other person on the path the whole time. I passed him, turned around came back and he was gone like a ghost. All day my nose has been running freely and it was even more on the ride. I darn sure hope I don't get a cold! Chris Hauth is coming into town Sunday and is going to thresh hold test all of his L.A. clients. That's why I'm in recovery week this week, because Chris is going put me through the paces on Sunday.
After an hour of riding in the wet and cold, I was done. So I packed up the bike in the car and headed home. Here is a little movie of the ride. I really need GoPro to sponsor me.

Tomorrow is an "easy' 45 minute run. We will see.  .  .

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