Thursday, February 21, 2013

Day 14 - More Rest, California Triathlon Club and Training for Fifty Miles Bike Race

February 20, 2013  243.6 lbs.

Today, I have a cold darn it.

I was supposed to do an easy jog for 45 minutes. I felt like my bum leg could use more rest so I didn't do it. Chris, my Ironman coach, doesn't have me scheduled to run anymore this week. Two swims and two bike rides. I have one of the three 5k's left this Sunday, which is also the day I am to have the aerobic thresh hold test. I don't want to mess up the test so I will walk the 5k. For real, promise!

The people at the Rock N Roll Mini Marathon sent me a race completion certificate. My first! Kind of cool. Though I always prefer a medal first.

In The Beginning Part 6:

One of the weird things about races is, once you sign up for one, it's easy to start signing up for a bunch. Once I had done my first triathlon, I felt like I could do anything. I had signed up at to get notifications of local events after my second race, (the Spartan Race), so one morning I saw a post about a hundred mile bike race, also known as a "Century." For some reason, that was exciting to me and I almost signed up. But the race was in Palm Springs ie; the desert and upon thinking more about it, I decided that a hundred miles in the desert with a steep mountain climb in the middle, might be a little much for my first bike race. So I looked around and found the Bike the Coast, Taste the Coast race with several distance options. I choose the fifty mile race as I felt it was a respectable challenge to work up to. Once I purchased my Felt 85 road bike from Triathlon Lab before the Hansen Dam race as part of the Starter package, I knew I was in love with riding. As a kid, I would go outside in the morning riding my bike and not return until evening sometimes in those balmy summers of the east coast. (I grew up in Maryland.)
I wanted to get more involved in cycling so I looked for a local cycling/triathlon group. I quickly discovered the California Triathlon club based out of Pasadena, CA. I joined the Facebook group first and found out that they have a regular Saturday morning ride they call the Flat Forty. Going from Incycle in Pasadena to Rio Hondo along the Rio Hondo River bike path totaling just under forty miles. To get to know the group, I decided to answer the call for volunteers working a food booth at one of the Rose Bowl games. The leader of the group Thom Richmond was very welcoming and gracious and everyone at the event was nice.
I started riding my bike to build up to the forty mile Saturday ride. Honestly, I could have done a lot more building up to it as I went from about five miles to forty. One Friday evening I made the decision that I would get up and ride with the group. So I woke up at 5:00am, got ready and headed for Pasadena. I was nervous. Mostly afraid I would fall over on the bike due to not being able to unclip my shoes in time to catch myself. When I got there everyone was nice and except for one near miss as we entered the bike path, I did okay. One thing I noticed, is a different person would hang back in the rear with me for awhile as the ride progressed. That was until we actually got on the actual bike path then I was alone for a bit. The group would wait at designated spots so stragglers, (me), could catch up. Thankfully they did as I would have been lost. I felt absolutely terrible that the group had to wait for me though. They took a group photo, but I was so far behind, I missed out unfortunately.
It was on this ride that I discovered two things about riding that are very important to address.

1.) Chaffing
2.) Nutrition

By the end of the forty miles, my crotch was raw. It didn't really kick in though until I got home. I dealt with it by taking a shower and using a liberal amount of talcum powder. Then laying in a very strange position for several hours trying not to move. I learned that I needed to get a new saddle so I did some research and found one from Selle Italia that was voted best online. I also learned about using Body Glide anti chafe stick not just on your skin but also on the pad sewn into the shorts. Regarding the nutrition, I realized at about the thirty mile mark that I was "bonking." Meaning, my body had had enough and was quitting on me. I had been eating an energy bar at each catch up point but I realized too late that I needed more often to compensate for the calories I burned. I dealt with it on my second forty mile outing by loading both of my water bottles with Hammer Nutrition's Perpetuem. I set an alarm on my Forerunner 910xt gps watch for fifteen minute intervals. As soon as the alarm would sound, I would drink some of the Perpetuem. Worked great! I still was hurting gassing out at the end but road stronger than the first time. Also, got to be in the group photo as well.

Next time: The Fifty Mile Race.

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