Saturday, February 23, 2013

Day 16 - Flu Bug, Bib Shorts and the Weight of the Situation

February 22, 2013    244 lbs.

My cold seems to have evolved. I feel like crap and have had the alternating chills and fever that accompany flu symptoms. At least I'm not thinking about my leg! So no, I didn't work out again. It is a very strange feeling being sick and at the same time being antsy to go out and move. Because movement is life. When we become sedentary we die. When we move, we live. Heart, cells, biochemical processes, etc. That simple. Look at studies on the rates of cancer, heart disease and diabetes among people that are sedentary for the majority of their day, no matter what their diet is like. You will be amazed and horrified. (I have this thing about people doing their own research. I find it sticks better in the ol' noodle!)

I thought it might be time to show what I currently look like, weather I like it or not. I also wanted to try on the bib shorts from Voler. I really wrestled, (pun intended) with posting these photos as it goes against everything us overweight peeps try to do and that is to hide our bodies. From finding just the right fitting shirt to standing in a certain way in pictures to minimize your double chin, we compensate in more ways than I can list. I guess if I was more well adjusted it wouldn't bother me, but it does so there you go. I will talk about my yo yo-ing weight over the last few years in a future post. So I don't like it, but here I am today 2-22-13. You will notice that at the top of every page, I post my weight for the day. 
Every day, I weigh myself first thing in the morning, after I go to the bathroom. If I can't go, I weigh myself, eat and then weigh myself again right before I go to the bathroom. Then I weigh myself again, immediately after and deduct the difference from the first measurement in the morning. Make sense? Sorry about all the bathroom talk!

Bib shorts look like wrestling singlets. This inspired me to think about becoming a pro wrestler for about five seconds. I have the gut for it but not the arms or anaerobic conditioning or even the aerobic conditioning!
Bib shorts have a thick cycling pad sewn into the crotch to help prevent discomfort in the saddle during long rides. Because of the built in suspenders, these shorts are really good at eliminating the "crack effect" that happens when your gut exceeds maximum load in spandex.

I have decided to post regular updates as my body changes. Though I probably wont make the silly expressions.   .   .

That's it for tonight, I need to rest.

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  1. The most comfortable things in the world look so silly on us. Especially guys built like us. My kids crack up when I put mine on.