Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day 19 - Cotton Mouth, Oscar Worthy Animation and Pre Test Readyness.

February 25, 2013   243 lbs

Woke up with even less symptoms of the flu but strong cotton mouth. Drank water all day but still have the dry mouth. Not there yet, but almost.
Tomorrow I meet my Ironman coach, Chris Hauth, in person for the first time. So far all coaching has been done by e-mail (per what I signed up for.) So it will be nice to put a person to the sometimes serious and often humorous e-mails.

I'm to meet him in the morning at his hotel so he can conduct a lactate threshold test. I think it will be on a specialized bike made for the test. The only other thing I know is, it will be tough. The test is designed to find out exactly where my aerobic and anaerobic training zones are so that Chris can design my customized plan to my exact heart rate zones. By training in the correct zones, I can build a solid base level of endurance fitness that will prepare me for the demands of the Ironman. So far I have been training based on a series of questions I answered when I signed up. So from now on, the plan will be more exacting to me. Can't wait!

The other night, I almost got hit by a couple of cars while riding my bike. Both times were at the exact same intersection and because people in the turn lane were not paying attention to me in the crosswalk. Here is an animated movie PSA where I recreated one of the incidents. (Of course, I didn't actually get hit thankfully!)

Please be on the look out for us as we can only wear bright colored and reflective outfits and use so many obnoxious flashy lights. Partners on the road!

Take care out there guys.

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