Saturday, February 9, 2013

Day 2 - Riding In The Rain and Bike Crash After.

February 8, 2013    245.2 lbs
I was expecting to be more sore today but I feel pretty good. Today's workout was a relaxing bike ride for one hour. Of course, it had to rain and I will say it got pretty cold out there. Now this is Southern California so anything below sixty is "freezing!" It was 44º and wet. It even hailed earlier in the day which is very rare here. (The picture is at the beginning of the ride.) As I looked through my cycling "kit", (clothes), I thought no matter how cold it is outside, I will never wear those silly thermal riding tights! So I put on a couple layers, my bike gloves and headed out. There is a local bike path I like to ride and run at. When I got there, I realized that the workout pants I wore over my bike shorts would probably get caught in the chain so I stuffed the leg cuffs in my socks. Mental note, get some thermal riding tights.
I was supposed to go really easy for the full hour.   .   .Well, what happened was, about fourteen minutes in, this kid passed me and he made this face like, "What are you doing out here Old Man?" So I'm like, "I'll show you!" and proceeded to chase him for about two minutes at which point, I was gassing out and deciding that I really should follow the program.  I wear cycling shoes that "clip" into the pedals. These can be slightly hazardous as you need to time it so you "un-clip" prior to stopping. I passed another kid sitting on a bench as I approached a stoplight, un-clipped my left side and realized that I was on a slight incline and quickly leaning towards the side that was still trapped on the pedal! At the very last moment, I was able to get my foot out in time to not fall over. I looked over my shoulder at the kid sitting on the bench who was smiling. Yup, he saw the whole thing. Oh, well.
Though I was focused on trying not to push too hard, I had a couple of moments where I could really enjoy being on the bike. Sore butt and everything. Mental note #2: Get something to cover ears while riding. Helmet lets too much cold air in!

A little wobbly and I do not recommend filming yourself while riding. I like to ride on the bike path because it's safer than riding in traffic. However, as my mileage increases, I'm going to have to start riding more on the road. I'm scared of two things, sharks and getting hit by a car while I'm riding/crashing. 

To get an idea of exactly why I'm concerned, click the link below.  (Warning! Nasty road rash can be seen in the following video.)

Bike Crash Aftermath

By the way, the guy in the video is my coach Chris Hauth. If it can happen to him.  .  .well, you get the picture. Got to face it though if I want to be an Ironman!

Tomorrow is a "brick" workout. That means it's a bike ride followed immediately by a run. Tired but feel good.

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