Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Day 20 - Testing, Testing, Testing!

February 26, 2013   242.1 lbs

What a day!

Woke up at 7:30 am to a message from Chris Hauth asking if I can arrive a little earlier than we first discussed. Got dressed, smoothie made, wife and bike packed up in the car. Then off to Santa Monica to The Georgian hotel. A nice historical retreat on Ocean Avenue facing the water. The elevator was vintage.
Arrived at Chris's room on time and changed into my riding clothes while Chris and Phil Cutti put my bike on the tester.
After calibrating the system and warming up for about ten minutes, Phil swabbed my earlobe with alcohol explaining that he doesn't like to take blood samples from the finger tip as it gets sore however the earlobe is painless. He was absolutely right. I never felt it not once out of the six or so test.
Chris made some adjustments and had me begin riding. He quickly noticed that I was riding with my knees too wide. He explained that the knees should be close to either side of the top tube. He also explained that during the test, I will try to maintain the same speed and cadence and that I would not be changing gears. He said to try to relax into it.
Phil had my first blood sample so the test was started with the power setting at 50 watts. (Watts are measurement of power used with regard to cycling. Basically, Watts = Torque x Cadence.)
Each four minutes, my blood was taken, I was asked what my perceived effort was (1-10 with ten being hardest) and the watts were increased by twenty increasing the difficulty. Here is the video.

Chris told me I was going to test for twenty minutes, but at the twenty minute mark, I got the old bait and switcha-rooney. "Let's just do four more minutes." At one point, I told him I was getting nauseous and at another, I was starting to pass out. Finally, when it was over, he tells me "You have proven that you can suffer."

I wasn't to sure if that was a good thing or not.

Time to talk about the Game Plan, so here it is, straight from the man himself.

I asked Chris if he had ever coached someone in as bad shape as me and he responded "Plenty."
So what happens next? He is going to compile all the data collected and review it, then design my training plan specifically around my individual heart rate zones. Once I have the specific numbers or metrics, I can put them into my Garmin Forerunner 910xt GPS watch and set alerts that wont let me go above my zone.
 Well gotta go for now.

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