Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day 3 - Weight Loss and In The Beginning.

February 9, 2013     243.2 lbs

First I'd like to point out my weight at the top of the page. That's right, I lost 2 lbs. since yesterday!!!

Day three's workout consisted of a two hour bike ride followed immediately by a twenty minute run. I felt pretty good throughout the ride though my butt is sore from the hour ride yesterday. Got to watch out for chaffing, a very real and painful side effect of training. Chris, my coach sent me an e-mail this morning reminding me that "easy" runs and rides should feel "way to easy" so that I develop my ability to train every day without getting too many negative side effects. Still a bit cold outside but basically a very non eventful steady even ride. A couple times I almost forgot to unclip but basically no problem. By hour two, I was starting to get pretty bored making realize that I will probably need to find a slightly more interesting route.
As soon as I finished the ride, I stuffed the bike in the car, peeled off the bike shoes and squeezed into my Vibrams for the run. Right away, my injured calf was barking at me so I ran careful again. And following the "way to easy" philosophy, I pretty much ran at the pace of a quick walk.  Here is the info from my Garmin 910xt heart rate monitor and GPS watch. Tomorrow will be interesting as I have an hour of swimming followed by an hour long trail run/hike.
In The Beginning Part 1:

So how did I get to the Beginning or where I am now?

Whenever I buy a how-to book or video on a subject, I dislike it when the author glosses over the nuts and bolts of how it began. So since I've had a few short races under my belt, I thought I would talk about how I went from being an asslete™* sitting on the couch and only really moving to get food, to where I am today beginning Ironman training.  A burning question I know. Okay, anyways.  .  .

June of 2010,  I was visiting my grandfather on the east coast who was having another blocked artery surgery. I hated seeing him suffer and I was taking stock of my own life and health. I decided enough was enough. It was time to treat myself better. I decided I would quit smoking before I turned forty in a couple days and I did. Cold Turkey, no patch, no ridiculous medicines or anything else. (I smoked for twenty two years.)
It's actually really easy to quit despite what anyone tells you. It sucks at first and you have to remind yourself that the discomfort will pass, but it does. The more difficult part is learning how to reprogram yourself to deal with life without your addiction. Again, when you recognize what is happening, it's easy to handle it.  What makes me an expert? I'm not. But I have experience because I was also addicted to Vicoden several years ago. I got injured pretty badly and prescribed the pain med in high doses. After a couple of months, I was hooked. I ended up taking it for a year after I was healed. One of the saddest things is, I didn't even have to get it illegally. Doctors prescribed it to me for everything from a bad cough to a tooth ache. Finally, despising the fact that I was scheduling my day around when I took a pill, I quit. To this day I'm still addicted to both cigarettes and opiates, the difference is, I don't take anything. And I haven't for years.

Told you I was going to be honest.

At the same time I quit smoking I started eating healthy as well. At that point, I existed on soda and only soda. Everyday, all day long. Water? No way. Fast food most of the time including late at night. Even when I started eating better, I still only drank soda for almost two years. Finally, sick of the indigestion and acid reflux I experienced on a regular bases, I gave it up as well.

In Part 2, I will discuss how I started working out and my first races.

(*Trademark Mariko Sakata 2013)

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