Friday, February 15, 2013

Day 8 - Valentines, Swimming and

February 14, 2013

First let me say Happy Valentines Day to everyone! Today was a one hour swim day, however it didn't work out completely. I was so behind that when I got to the pool finally to swim, I only had about thirty minutes of hard work before I had to leave for a dinner reservation. This is twice I didn't complete the swim workout. I think Chris, (Hauth) is going to be annoyed. When it was all said and done, I swam about a 1000 meters. I was supposed to swim 2600 meters so not even half.

Speaking of Chris, I have a 5k race this Sunday so I asked him if he wants me to do the scheduled swim and run workout on top of the race. His reply, "For sure the swim.  .  .  and a long warm up and warm down.  .  . (for the run)." The guy is pretty funny.
Felt good swimming today but I need to really work on my breathing technique. I'm lifting my head too far out of the water and not exhaling in the water before I come up. 

I also called Garmin about my whacky speed/cadence sensor. I have to say that the customer service was excellent. The guy helping me, walked me through each step of the reset. Hopefully it works!

I have a big announcement. Voler, makers of fine cycling clothes, e-mailed me that they can sponsor me!!! I don't know to what extent yet but any help is very much appreciated. Plus, it's American made right here in California. Thanks Ed! I have one of their "kits", (clothing sets) that I use every time I ride and love them.  Please visit is you need any cycling kit.

I also reached out to someone I think is a huge inspiration about doing something for the blog and he responded positively. I will keep you posted. Remember, I am actively looking for sponsors so if you know and triathlon companies or cycling and swimming people who might be interested, please contact me. Thank you in advance!

I might do another "In The Beginning" segment tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled. Bye.

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