Saturday, February 16, 2013

Day 9 - Pasadena Rock N Roll Expo, Garmin, Nadia Ruiz and Calf Sleeves

February 15, 2013

Did a 55 minute run today. Chris (Hauth) my coach suggested I get a calf sleeve to help relieve the strain on my healing calf area. I started the run late at about 10:00 pm and noticed right away a difference in the leg. No ache! As the run progressed I began to feel it again but the sleeve helped. One thing that stood out was the location of the ache. With the sleeve, I could pin point where the issues are. Behind my knee and through the middle of my calf and on the side of my lower leg. Which makes me believe that I may have injured the ligament. Darn it, no wonder it's taking forever to heal! By the end of the run, I felt like the leg was going to give out. Yet, it held fast.  I was concerned that Chris was going to be upset that I had to cut the swim workout short yesterday however he just said, "No worries."

I apologize for this next part in advance. At about 30 minutes in, I suddenly had to pee.  When you get older, well.  .  . it happens. From nothing to MUST PEE NOW!!! I held it as long as I could but finally could not hold it a second longer and there was no bathroom in site. I was close to a tree on the bike path, I thought, "Well dogs do it all day," and looked both ways. Coast was clear! I simply could not wait so I let fly, and that is when someone turned onto the road heading my way, bathing me in headlights! So I turned away hoping they wouldn't notice what was happening. The car got closer and closer and just when I thought it would pass, it parked. Right next to me, darn it! I pretended to be dealing with my shoe while I fixed my clothes and then trotted off hoping they wouldn't call the police.  .  .

When you sign up for a race like a 5k, you often need to pick up your "race packet" the day or a couple days before the race. The packet will have your bib with race number on it, your timing chip, usually a t-shirt and a few safety pins. It will also usually come in some kind of runners bag and include samples of different fitness related products and future race info.

Today I went to get my packet for the Rock N Roll Pasadena Half Marathon- Mini Marathon at the Expo for the race held at the Pasadena Convention Center.  There was lots to see with plenty of exhibitors.

I even got to see The King!

It was a nice day. On top of all the vendors, there was a celebrity marathoner, Ironman and coach, Nadia Ruiz working the New Years Race booth! Nadia is an inspirational person and she absolutely loves running and racing. She runs a marathon about once a month and often post her healthy eating suggestions on her Facebook page. Here.

Check out her blog here. She is someone who is truly passionate about her sport. Thanks Nadia!

As soon as I got to the exhibit hall, I spotted the CEP booth. I saw they make compression sleeves and made a b-line for them as I needed a calf sleeve. The people working the booth were very nice and knowledgeable and quickly had me sized up and checked out. The sleeves worked great as I mentioned above.

I made the rounds looking, sampling, tasting and touching stuff and eventually was about to leave when I got the idea to go back to the Garmin booth and ask about a sponsorship opportunity. Boy am I glad I did, because I got to speak directly with the regional person in charge! No promises were made of course but it's always better to speak to a live person in these situations as opposed to just sending an e-mail. So I'm staying neutral about it. You never know!

Well that's it for now, I'm tired and tomorrow I have a 2:30 hour bike ride and a 30 minute run.I think it might be time to expand beyond the Chandler bike path as 2:30 hours is a lot of back and forth.

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