Friday, March 1, 2013

Day 22 - Heart Rate Zones and Wardrobe Malfunctions

February 28, 2013     243 lbs

Chris Hauth sent me my new Ironman training schedule and my heart rate zones based on the lactate threshold test. A lot of the training coming up is based on my staying within heart rate zone two. That is where I burn fat and will begin to rebuild my aerobic engine. Chris had mentioned the other day during his game plan talk that he wants me to stay in the middle of the zone and to avoid working near the top. Here is what the test showed my Heart Rate Zones to be:

Z2 HR - 135-145
Z3 HR - 145-160
Z4 HR - 160-170

Z2 HR - 140-150
Z3 HR - 150-165
Z4 HR - 165-175

So ideally, when running for instance, I want to try to keep my heart rate around 145 bpm. When biking, unless I'm sprinting, it would be about 140 bpm. There will be a lot of this Zone 2 stuff in the future for me.

Today, I was to swim 3200 meters and run for half an hour. The wife's car is in the shop so she took mine to work. This meant walking to the pool which I didn't mind because it was a nice day out.

Felt a bit run down today but needed to work. The pool workout was a beast, or I was just really tired.

It took me one hour and forty minutes just to swim 2400 meters. Then I got out to go to the restroom and as I was zipping up, the zipper broke. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Effectively leaving me exposed to the world and ending my workout. I was to next run for thirty minutes so I decided to hike back up the hill to my house. Only, I didn't make it a third of a mile before I bonked. Must not have had enough nutrition to fuel the workout.

Tomorrow is a Z2 one and a half hour ride.

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