Monday, March 4, 2013

Day 25 - More Weight Loss, Fat Wetsuit Technique and a Swimming Video!

March 4, 2013     240.4 lbs

After yesterdays big ride I dropped a couple pounds! I also slept until 2:30pm! I expect my weight to fluctuate and don't expect my body to change significantly for awhile. As Chris (Hauth) tells me, even with 100% more training than I was doing before, it will take some time to change my physiology to more lean muscle mass.

Today, I was to swim for one hour. I wore my Profile Designs full wetsuit because the other day the zipper on my other, NeoSport long john wetsuit broke. A long john or bib style wetsuit has no arms. It is more comfortable for swimming than a full wetsuit. Some people wonder why I train in the wetsuit. Here is a list of why.

1. The water is cold.
2. The wetsuit adds buoyancy that helps my weak swimming technique.
3. I will be racing in a wetsuit so I want to train like I will race.
4. See number one again.

I contacted Triathlon Lab where I purchased the suit and we are discussing repair/replacement options.
So I suited up which was an adventure in itself. You see wetsuits, though made of neoprene and very flexible, are still not really designed for us fatties. So I got the zipper about halfway up my back before I couldn't raise it anymore. I stood there turning and pulling and beginning to sweat and pant from the effort. Then I had an idea, so I laid down on the floor. Perfect! Laying on my side allowed my fat to compress enough to get the zipper up! I had remembered that girls in 70's and 80's had to lay down in order to zip up their jeans because they were so tight. As I writhed on the floor, I was thinking, "Boy am I glad no one can see me!" Maybe I will make a video. The only question is, how much am I willing to humiliate myself? On the other hand, the post I did with the pictures of me in the bib shorts is by far the most viewed post so far!

As I walked down the hill to the pool, I was hoping not to draw to much attention to myself, however a fat guy in a wetsuits does kind of stand out. I walked past a driveway when I heard a sound and turned around. Above me, on a embankment was a family of deer. Four adults and two babies. They stared at me as if to say, "Yes? Can we help you?" So I moved on smiling.
I got to the pool and fortunately it was empty, so I started the warm up. It's always during the beginning of any workout that The Quit Demons are the worse. After my muscles have warmed up and my brain has accepted that I am working out again, they go away. Chris will put on the schedule, "One hour swim," then the details. I have yet to finish a swim workout in the time he assigns. Then again, he is a two time Olympian for swimming no less! So whatever the time listed, I add an extra half hour to forty five minutes in my time allotment. Here is a very brief video I shot.

I really need a GoPro camera system so I can make better videos. (If any sponsors out there would be interested in this, I would be forever grateful. GoPro, Triathlon Lab, Incycle?)
Whenever I see the GoPro promotion videos, I think to myself, "That is exactly the kind of life and adventures I want to live!" I realize that I'm kind of doing it already, only in a smaller scale for the time being. I was sitting on the couch today relaxing and not feeling a bit guilty when I was overcome with a feeling of well being. So this is what I was missing all those years.

Until tomorrow my friends.

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