Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day 26 - Easy Swim, Tired Old Man and No GoPro

March 4, 2013        242.8 lbs

Today I had an easy 45 minute AR swim. "AR" stands for active recovery. I did a 400 meter warm up and several 100 meter and 300 meter swims and drills including using the kick board, pull buoy and hand paddles. Nice and easy. And maybe because I mentioned it in yesterdays post, I was able to complete it on time. Here is a little film I made messing around with the underwater camera.

When it was all said and done, I hung out in the hot tub for a couple minutes. My wife snapped this picture capturing me in a candid moment of post workout tiredness.

I got a no/go from GoPro for sponsorship. But hey, it's just an opportunity to show I'm serious! I will keep working at it.

Tomorrow is a "brick" workout. Forty-five minutes bike and 2600 meter swim. Until tomorrow my friends.


  1. That's a good picture. Moving.

  2. Mike - caption "Ahhhhh, that was some good Vinh Loi dinner" ;p