Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day 27 - Biking Sprints, Malfunctions and The Big River Man.

March 5, 2013          241.8 lbs.

Today, I rode my bike for forty-five minutes and swam for an hour. For the ride I was assigned "6x30 seconds of fast cycling." I really enjoyed being able to sprint for those thirty seconds. The timing was perfect as I could push hard without burning out to fast. I separated the six sprints with five minutes of recovery. During the ride I noticed that my heart rate seemed to recover much faster than usual. All in all, it was a really nice workout. I finished feeling good and headed home to change into my wetsuit for the swim. 

By the time I ended up at the pool, I had only one hour left to train. So I dived in for the warm up. Right away, I felt a little "off" for some reason. I had to stop several times just during the warm up to catch my breath. There is a point in every workout when my body warms up properly and I "get into" the work. That doesn't mean it gets easy, I just kind of relax into it. Tonight I had to really focus on my technique and breathing. However, it never felt a 100%, even with all the reminders I play in my head. Like, I think of Martin Strel, a middle aged, overweight, Slovenian who swam the Amazon river.
That's right, the entire Amazon river.

Martin is the subject of the documentary, "Big River Man" a fascinating film about the epic swim. I often think of his 10 hour days of nonstop swimming for sixty six days straight. I also focus on my technique, raising my elbows high, kicking from my hips, not crossing my hands over the center line of my body, etc, etc.
Anyhow, I was starting my last swim set of 600 meters freestyle when I ran out of time. Everybody out, the pool is closed!
For some reason unknown, I could not upload my bike workout today. Having problems still with my cadence sensor on the bike as well. Better call Garmin tomorrow.
Thinking about contacting some bike companies about sponsorship. Maybe someone would like to be a part of the journey. Until tomorrow my friends!

P.S. If you're interested, here is the trailer for the documentary mentioned above.

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