Thursday, March 7, 2013

Day 28 - Smooth Running, Dehydration and The Snoopy 5k

March 6, 2013       241.0 lbs

Wow, what a run! Today's assignment was a 45 minute easy run in zone 2. This was the first time I have really been able to run for any length of time. First cool thing, my leg didn't hurt at all. I was also able to run the entire time without walking for a minute every ten, like I used to do. I didn't have any trouble keeping my heart rate in the correct zone, deeply belly breathing whenever my pulse went up.
(Chandler Blvd Bike Path)
During the run, I felt like I was moving faster than normal even though I wasn't. Normally as I run along, I feel like I'm barely moving and have to look sideways in order to check. This time, it felt like I was really making progress and all in my zone 2 heart rate, between 140 and 150bpm.

By the end of the run I was getting tired and my feet were beginning to get sore, but I was happy with my progress.
After I returned home and had my recovery smoothie, I headed to the hot tub for a little chillaxing! I have had excellent results drinking an all fruit smoothie, plus a scoop of Garden of Life Raw Protein Powder within an hour of my workouts. I like the chocolate flavor best. I rarely get sore after a workout following this protocol. I use the same protein powder for my morning smoothie. 

Now a word about dehydration. I drink a lot of water everyday, sometimes up to a gallon. Didn't used to. I spent a little more than a decade drinking only soda. Literally. It ruined my teeth and gave me stomach lining issues that are still healing after two years of no soda.
Even though I normally drink a lot of water, in the last few days I guess I wasn't drinking as much as I should.
So I'm sitting in the hot tub talking to an acquaintance about how Zone 2 training works when I get out and sit on the lip. Next thing I know, I'm starting to pass out, nauseous and dizzy. I have to lay down on the lip to cool off my body from suddenly overheating. My speech is slurring and my wife is asking "What's wrong!?" After a few moments I felt much better and sat up again wondering what the heck was going on. I thought, "Man, I'm acting like I have heat exhaustion or something." Later I went to the bathroom and sure enough. Dark pee pee. One of the signs of dehydration. So I did a "blanch" test by squeezing my thumbnail, then releasing and watching to see how fast it turns from pale to pink. The slower it is, the more dehydrated you could be. Mine was slow. I started thinking about how much water I really had today alone and realized it wasn't much. Thinking about too many other things.  Lesson learned, time to rehydrate!

Earlier in the day, I saw a friends post about signing up for The Coaster Run 5k at Knott's Berry Farm. A 5k course that runs through the park with all participants receiving a piece of Boysenberry pie, a half off coupon on park admission for up to four, a t-shirt and best of all, a Snoopy Medal!!! First let me say, besides the awesome feeling of accomplishment I enjoy with each race, I also enjoy the medals. As a matter of fact, I won't do a race unless there is a finisher medal. Even with only racing a little over a year, I have a bunch. With that said, I also love Snoopy going back to when I was one years old.
(Yup, that's me 42 years ago with Snoopy.)
Now, I don't have a collection of Snoopy stuff, (although I do have that same figure as in the photo.) But when I saw the medal had Snoopy on it, well, I had to do it. So I sent an e-mail to Chris Hauth, my coach, asking if I could do it and promising to not go out of Zone 2 during the race. Thankfully, he wrote back right away saying "Of course." I say "thankfully" because the race sells out it's 5000 registration spots in a day. Can't wait!
Until tomorrow my friends.

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