Friday, March 8, 2013

Day 29 - The Black Toe, Customer Service and Being Scolded

March 7, 2013      241.6 lbs

So I woke up to an admonishment from my coach about the bike workout I did the other day with the 6x30 seconds sprints. Basically it said, and I'm paraphrasing, "Pay attention dumb*ss, I never said to sprint, I said to go faster." Got it Coach!

Today I failed to do my complete workout again as I was supposed to do 3600 meters. However, I got to the pool and it was raining, so I got booted out. Each time the same security guy bust me, I can see his fingers just itching to write a report about the incident. Mostly because I play dumb each time. "Really officer? You say 10:00 pm is the cut off?"
Today was supposed to be a long workout to. I actually did about 880. (The Garmin watch can't read the kick drills distance and today I did 100 meters.) The flat part on the timing graph below shows when I did the kick drill. What is a kick drill? You hold the edge of a kick board, (looks like a mini boogey board about a foot and a half long) and using only your legs, you kick!
By the way, I have no idea why it says I did the back stroke at :45.89, I didn't. 

I wear Vibrams for my runs normally. I recently purchased a pair of Merrell Road Glove shoes. They are another brand of "barefoot" style shoe, only they look more like traditional running shoes instead of having separate toes like the Vibrams. The soles are actually made by Vibram though. Anyways, I love them however, the first time I ran in them, this happened.

That's right.   .   .black toe. The shoes are just a little too small for my extra long monkey index toe. I contacted Merrel and sent them the picture above. The immediately had suggestions how to adjust the shoe size and sent me a return label to ship them back. Great service! I sent them the following message after the shipping details were worked out.

"Well that is fine but lets talk restitution. I am a left foot toe model and this injury has put me out of work for months. I have to wait for the toe nail to fall off, then grow back. In the mean time, no toe model work for me. I'm gonna loose thousands of dollars in toe model income because of this. I'm psychologically afraid that I may loose even more toe model business as result or wearing the shoes. Maybe you have some kind of toe model insurance?  Just kidding."

I thought it was pretty funny but I didn't hear back from them.

In other news, Triathlon Lab got back to me regarding the broken zipper on my NeoSport wetsuit.

Looks like I just need to send the suit along with a copy of my receipt back to NeoSport USA. Thanks to William Mayberry from Triathlon Lab for taking care of me and offering to give me a loner if I need one. By the way, if you haven't had a professional bike fitting and you ride a lot, you would only benefit from having a fitting session. William did my fitting when I bought the bike and I immediately noticed a difference. Very important if you're doing any endurance riding. Still planing to do a "How To Put On A Wetsuit" video.

Until tomorrow my friends.

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