Sunday, March 10, 2013

Day 31 - Long Slow 33.3 and Progress Shot

March 9, 2013      242.2 lbs

Here is the progress shot I should have put up yesterday. Better than the bib shorts shots!

Today I had a three hour zone 2 ride assigned. Maybe it was due to the cold weather here, but I was unmotivated. I just wanted to sit on the couch watching old western tv shows on MeTV all day.  Finally, I dragged my butt into the kitchen and made my special endurance ride, sports drink formula. (12 dates-pitted, one banana, one serving of RAW Vegan Protein powder and 16 oz of filtered water.) I also filled my Camelback with filtered water and headed out to Arcadia to the trail head for the Rio Hondo Bike path.

 As soon as I started riding I noticed a strong headwind. Kind of odd for that part of the trail, but oh well, it should make staying in my Zone 2 heart rate easier. Lot's of stuff to see along the path with clouds threatening to darken at any moment.
As I continued, the sky cleared up and the sun popped out for the remainder of my time on the trail.
I tried to maintain my heart rate as closely as possible which meant not going very fast and causing some riders that passed me to look at me wondering if something was wrong. The long path along the Rio Hondo bike path takes you from Arcadia to the Santa Fe Dam. Once you get to the little rest stop at the end of the path, you know you are almost home. 
Here is the dam. I almost rode to the top just to do it. Maybe next time.
I'm glad I rode. It was a pleasant ride all around. Even with the headwind that seemed to change direction with me! Here is a short film of the ride.

Until tomorrow my friends.

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