Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Day 34 - Triathlon Lab, Minor Adjustments and Big Gears

March 12, 2013        244.2 lbs

What a busy day! For someone unemployed, I sure have trouble getting things done sometimes. So today's big adventure was going to Triathlon Lab in Santa Monica, to get my second bike fitting done. I got fitted the first time when I purchased the bike with my triathlon starter kit. Will Mayberry, the resident bike fit adjustment expert likes people to ride for a little while to get a feel for the bike. I was actually overdue for the bookend fitting by a few months.

Will started by asking me a few questions about how I felt riding and if there was any mechanical issues.  I mentioned that sometimes the gear shifting was a bit delayed. He looked very carefully at all the components and started measuring things. "Your chain has stretched. You might want to consider getting a new one soon." He then looked at the rear gears and asked a few more questions about performance. Somewhere in there, I started talking about climbing and how it's tough to find rides where there isn't much elevation so I can stay in Zone 2. And like a gift from heaven, I discovered that you can buy aftermarket gear sets, called cassette's, that have certain gears specifically sized larger to help you climb. SOLD! Then it was time to get on the bike. Will proceeded to measure me from all kinds of angles even using what looked like a surveyors plumb to check the angle of my knee over the pedals. He also made some minor adjustments to the angle of the seat which made a huge difference in comfort as soon as I got back on the bike!

We discussed that I was looking for a sponsor for a triathlon specific bike and and he suggested he adjust the fit to a more "triathlon" style riding position. Meaning, forward with me ultimately using aerobars. Aerobars allow you to lean all the way forward with your elbows in special pads attached to strait bars that stick out the front of the handlebars. This position makes you more aerodynamic, something that can shave minutes off your time during the bike leg of the Ironman.
Towards the end of my visit, I got to meet Lloyd Taylor the owner of Triathlon Lab. What a nice guy! After discussing a little business, my bike was ready and it was time to head out. During the fitting, I asked Will to give a few tips for adjusting and taking care of the bike. He let me film him ,so I made another video.

I liked how the bike felt before this fitting and like it even more now. It is amazing how much a slight modifications can affect the feel. It was nice seeing everyone and I look forward to returning.
(Will Mayberry, Me, Lloyd Taylor)

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