Thursday, March 14, 2013

Day 35 - Night Ride and Ice Skating on Asphalt

March 13, 2013        243.6 lbs

Today my workout was an easy Z2 ride for one hour. I was originally going to run it but my ankle is still too sore to score!
I didn't get out the door until late, about 11:15pm. As I was packing my bike in the car, which takes a little bit of wiggling, I was eyeing my water bottle that was teetering precariously on the edge of the car bumper. One last shove and plop! The water bottle goes rolling down the parking lot and I go chasing after. Just as I caught up to it, I suddenly felt as though I was skidding on ice! My arms pinwheeling like crazy as I tried to maintain my balance. The problem was the clips on my bike shoes acted as skids. Next thing I know, BAM! Right on my but in my brand new California Triathlon club kit, (outfit) from Voler. So the first thing I do, like anyone else, I look up to see if anyone saw me. Sure enough, a guy was getting into his car when he saw my impromptu figure skating routine and ass plant. He stood there, eyes and mouth wide open just staring for an awkwardly long moment, then turned and got into his car. I carefully, got up and grabbed my water bottle trying not to think about what it may have rolled over. A hand sanitizer bath later and it was time to get to Chandler Bike Path
When I arrived at the bike path, there was a nice couple at the trail head so I recruited them to take a picture. Every picture I post of myself I am embarrassed. But I have to embrace the reality of my weight as this blog is not only a daily log of my journey but a means to keep me honest. As I was heading out the door in my new kit, my wife tells me, "You look like your lower half is thinner." Great.  .  .
As soon as I began the ride, the adjustments William Mayberry at Triathlon Lab made yesterday were obvious. The gear shifting was crisper and the brakes were both smoother and quicker. The new gear cassette a Shimano Ultegra CS-6700 11-28T was smooth and the new, larger gears made a difference. However, I still need to ride a bigger hill to really try them. So far, so good! A well adjusted bike makes a certain sound when you ride it. It's funny, as I drove to the path, I noticed that the bike wasn't rattling in the back of my car like usual. Mental note, get the bike adjusted on a regular basis.
At one point, all the sudden the sprinklers kicked on. A sign that I was out later than usual. Overall, a very easy ride. My only issue was feeling the spicy Indian food I had for dinner! Mental note, avoid spicy Indian before a workout.
Finally finished!

Tomorrow I have a "brick" workout, swimming and more easy biking. Until tomorrow my friends.

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