Friday, March 15, 2013

Day 36 - Double Day, Revenge and Sore Shoulder

March 14, 2013        243 lbs

Today I had a "brick" workout 3500 yards of swimming with various drills and an hour and a half easy bike. The swim was a bit tricky today due to the high volume of old men that suddenly showed up in the middle. I started at 8:13pm and swam until 10:00pm only stopping because of security booting me and the pod of geriatric Free Willy's out. Which was good because several of them seemed to confuse the hot tub for a bath tub scrubbing away at the dead skin on their feet! All day my right shoulder was aching. After the workout, it was pretty sore and difficult to raise. It burned deep in the joint. Great, just what I need. Another injury. My ankle isn't even better yet.

I headed home and stripped off the wetsuit to put it through a conditioning wash. If you swim in pools with chlorine, it's a good idea to use a special wetsuit conditioner to keep it looking new and from drying out. As soon as I got home I was really hungry. I had eaten dinner earlier so I don't know why I was so hungry. I drank some coconut water and ate an orange. Then I changed into one of my Voler kits, packed up the bike and headed to Chandler Bike Path.

A little past the halfway point into the ride, I started to get pretty bored riding Chandler back and forth and took a side street. Uh-oh, now I did it. As I piloted the bike through the tunnels of over reaching tree's punctuated by street lights, I thought I had found my new alternate route. As I purred along, in and out of the darkness, enjoying the moving meditation of the ride I connected with the rhythm of my breathing. I felt thankful. Thankful that I could workout and feel alive and enjoy the moment. After a little while of riding the side streets, I decided I had enough time to ride over to Tony's Darts Away and back. Tony's is a local beer bar with some killer food including several vegan options. But I was only interested in the challenge.

So I rode over and peeked in the window to see one of my friends Rod Schumacher enjoying a beer. (Rod makes an incredible line of gourmet hot sauces that you must try!) I had to keep going though. Finally, I made it back to the start of the trail head and I was done.

I was putting the bike away when a car was suddenly next to me. I turned just in time for the driver to honk, which startled me. The car sped away. Mental note: Carry something in the trunk to throw at vehicles that do this. Though I try to stay positive and lead a peaceful life, I have to admit, had I been closer, I might have knocked off one of their side mirrors. 

Until tomorrow my friends.

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