Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day 38 - L.A. BIG 5k, Irritable Bladder and another Day at Tony's Darts Away

March 16, 2013         246.2 lbs

Woke up at 5:00 am to get ready for the L.A. BIG 5k at Dodger Stadium. Right shoulder and left ankle pretty stiff and sore. Look's like I'm walking again. Morning smoothie, weather check done just when my friend Christopher arrived at 6:00 am to drive me to the race. Now, let me take a moment to address this. He got up very early to drive me to the race just so he could stand around for an hour waiting for me to finish and drive me back home. Now that is a friend!

We arrived at Dodger Stadium at about 6:30 am to see the stadium lit up and under construction. There is always a certain energy among the people before a race no matter how many people are present.

Soon after arriving I had the first of several urges to pee. I ended up going three times pre race and once post race. I may need to get checked out. Being hydrated is one thing but this is ridiculous.

I lined up at 8:00 am with the other 5000 or so participants and we were off! My ankle had been bothering me so I walked it. It felt okay after a mile, so I jogged lightly for a little making sure to walk again as soon as I felt it tweak.

There were a few hills but not nearly what I had expected. We even ran past the famous Los Angeles Police Academy.

I know some people that like to ride in Griffith Park and after running through it, I can see why. I made a mental note ride through one day.
As I crested the last of the hills before the finish line stretch, I looked at my Garmen Forerunner 910xt for the twentieth time in the race and was again surprised at how my heart rate remained consistent. At least it felt that way until the end. You see, as I neared the finish line about three hundred yards out, I passed a guy a bit heavier than me walking. So I said, "Hey, you don't want to let my fat a** beat you to the finish." He chuckled and the next thin I know he's sprinting. And sprinting fast! I tried to keep up but the ankle reminded me to avoid such foolish endeavors. I remember thinking, if you can run that fast, then why the heck were you walking?
I messaged Christopher to let him know I was a couple minutes out so he could film the finish line and medal presentation. I poured on the speed and crossed the finish line just as a pair of jokers cut in front of me ruining any cool finish line photo op. Unfortunately, there was a technical problem with the camera and we didn't end up getting any footage from the finish.

After getting the medal and another goodie bag, we said our good-byes and headed to Tony's Darts Away so I could at least buy Christopher breakfast. I had one of the weekend specials a vegan burrito that was excellent. Oh, and a beer. Which I probably should have avoided considering I'm technically heavier now than when I started this blog! I don't feel as fat so maybe it's muscle. I don't know. Only that I trust my coach so I'm not worried. Well, maybe a little frustrated.

Here is a shout out to my coach Chris Hauth who is about to start Ironman Cabo San Lucas as I write this, (7:30 am on 3-17-13.) Crush it Coach!

Almost forgot, I was to do to a three hour and thirty minute endurance ride today. However, I ended up dealing with car issues all day and missed my window. I really need to get an indoor bike trainer so I can ride anytime I need.

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