Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day 39 - The L.A. Marathon, Ironman Cabo San Lucas and Missing a Brick

March 17, 2013    244 lbs.  Happy St. Patty's Day

First, let me say congratulations to my coach Chris Hauth on his first place division win at Ironman Cabos San Lucas today! Way to go coach.

Today was the L.A. Marathon. Last year around October, I signed up for the L.A. Marathon and the BIG 5k at the same time. I was thinking that a 5k the day before would be nothing more than a warm up before the marathon and by doing both I could get two medals in the same weekend! The other reason I signed up for the marathon is I wanted to have a goal that would keep me training through the winter. Normally, I lose all motivation in the cold. Ironically, I ended up injuring my leg which prevented me from running and building up enough miles for the marathon anyways. I still trained more during the winter than I ever have. I was planning to walk the marathon just to do it, but my coach said don't bother. Too much strain on my wonky leg just for the sake of doing it. On the other hand, the day I realized I was not doing the marathon, I was really bummed out. The L.A. Marathon is not cheap to register for and they have a policy of not refunding any money, even in case of injury. No matter what. Then again, there would probably be a high turnover rate and if they allowed people in general to get refunds, they wouldn't be able to pay for their overhead. Still wanted to complete my first marathon though. I may sign up for the Long Beach Marathon later this year.
My friends Kevin Tran and Romeo Victor ran the race today and completed it. Good job guys!

Today I was to do another brick but I couldn't. I woke up very late and by the time I took care of the errands needed, I didn't have time. I hate missing any workouts but I'm feeling a little beat up today and in low spirits. Both ankle and shoulder are still bugging me. I'm tired of being injured all the time. Understand that since I quit smoking when I turned forty I have been plagued with injuries. Hopefully my body will eventually adapt to the workload and I can focus only on training and not training around another injury. Sorry, but it is a bit frustrating.

I have been filling out sponsorship request like crazy. Hopefully, another one of the manufacturers will believe in this crazy journey of mine like Voler. Until tomorrow my friends.

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