Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 40 - Ankles, Shoulders and more GoPro

March 18, 2013        243 lbs

Today is a rest day. My ankle feels better and my shoulder as well. Not a 100%, but I may be able to train tomorrow. Either way, I'm going to try.
I spent a good portion of last night contacting sponsors and today resting and helping The Boss with taxes. I am hopeful that one or two might want to jump on board. I am also considering, setting up a donation page to help with the cost of this crazy adventure of mine. I am signing up every day for the GoPro Everything We Make, daily give away. If I win, I can improve my video production substantially. I have some product reviews and hopefully a few tours of some local manufacturers as well as more pro technique videos.
Tomorrow I have an hour and ten minute bike with some fast intervals and a 2400 yard swim. I look forward to doing those intervals.

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  1. I'll donate! It won't be much, but I can give a little.