Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day 41 - Swimming, Biking and Mythical Energy Drinks

March 19, 2013     245.4  lbs

Lot of weight gain today probably due to excessive salt last night.

Today was a brick with an hour swim and a seventy minute bike.

The wife and I had dinner with some friends this evening and by the time I got to the pool it was after 9:00 pm. I was assigned 2400 yards today with easy enough progressions.

400 swim
200 catch up
6 x 300 Super steady or getting faster

Total: 2400 yards

I swam for 39 minutes before I had to leave due to the pool closing.  Completed: 1650 yards or .9375 of a mile. I keep stressing out about not completing the swim workouts but my coach, (Chris Hauth) reminds me that we have time.

I have noticed that the feel of the swim is changing, and as I progress, I occasionally find a natural rhythm with the breathing that's almost smooth.

I jumped in the car and headed home so I could dry off, change and head out to the bike portion of our program.  But first, I realized I was a little low on energy so I made some special "iskiate" the magical energy drink of the Tarahumara from Christopher McDougall's book "Born to Run." (A great read!)
My recipe is a little different though, I use two tablespoons of Chia seeds in 16oz of water, one table spoon of Maca powder, the juice of one lime and two tablespoons of simple syrup made from organic Turbinado cane sugar. By the way, you make simple syrup by heating equal parts sugar and water on the stove until the sugar crystals are completely melted. I usually bring it to a light boil and then immediately turn off the heat. Let it cool down all the way before putting it into a squeeze bottle or even better, a glass container. Empty maple syrup bottles work great. Now why use these ingredients? Chia and maca are excellent energy for long endurance endeavors. Lime makes it tasty (and alkali) and the cane sugar gives you a quick boost.

I got to Chandler Bike Path at about 11:10 pm, got my bike set up, helmet on, work out programmed into Interval Runner and I was off.
Right away, I felt really good on the bike. Comfortable in the saddle, firm control and legs felt strong. The temperature was a bit cool with not too much wind. Sailing through the darkened streets, I got caught up in the moment, letting the slightly hypnotic feeling wash over me. What a ride!
Far to soon, it was over and time to head home. I'm not sure if it was the iskiate or not but I like to believe it was.

Until tomorrow my friends.

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