Thursday, March 21, 2013

Day 42 - Night Ride, New Bike Route and Thirsty's

March 20, 2013      244.4 lbs

Today I was to "run a steady 6ish miles." Well my ankle decided it was not ready for that so I biked instead. Tonight's pre ride snack was an orange and some dehydrated coconut water powder mixed with filtered water in my water bottle.
A pleasant Z2 ride through Burbank. I started at Chandler Blvd Bike Path as usual at Chandler and Miraposa, rode the length of the path then instead of turning back I turned right on Vineland and rode around through the neighborhoods for a bit. Until I came to Maple Street off of Burbank Blvd, a new designated Bike Path!

Branching out helped make the ride go by even faster than I wanted it to.

(Champs Sports Pub was the exterior used for "Thirsty's" on the George Lopez show.)

I really enjoy the night rides because there are so few cars out.  I'm feeling connected to the bike and finding myself naturally easing into the performance position. If I had aerobars, I would already be using them. Even though my gut is still in the way.

Also, there are very few things as cool as riding fast down a very long, dark tree lined grove listening to Golden Earring's Twilight Zone.  Now before someone cries "foul!" because your not ever supposed to listen to headphones while riding, I was using the new Yurbuds™that allow in ambient noise so you can hear what's going on around you. (I'll be doing a full review very soon!) I'm beginning to get the urge to try some climbing, meaning routes with more elevation. But finding a route that is Zone 2 friendly might be a unique task. Having run through Griffith Park recently, I'm thinking about riding there. Plus, I have a new friend that says she's down to ride with me. (You hear that Penny Josie?)

And in other news, I needed a haircut when I started Ironman training. It is at the point now that it is embarrassing.

 (Post pool hair from yesterday!)
Gonna try to get a hair cut tomorrow so I can get back to my regular look.

I try to take unique photos and video each day I train. Part of the reason is, it's an accountability. An unspoken agreement I made at the beginning of this adventure with those that read this blog. Until tomorrow my friends.

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