Friday, March 22, 2013

Day 43 - Epsom Salts, Biologic and Awesome Headbands

March 21, 2013            242.6 lbs

As I start to write this at 4:26 am, I'm overcome with the urge to take a long hot bath with Epsom salts. My body is feeling the training. I feel good, just a little beat up.  Pause  .   .   .

5:24 am, back to writing. Epsom salts kick butt!

Today I made it to the pool before the sun went down. I was assigned a 2800 yard swim made up of various drills.

I was hoping to get the swim done early. But the reality is, I swim like I run, slowly!

The swim was:

400 yrd   Warm up
6 x 200   Alternating Freestyle and Catch up
8 x 75     Kick board
8 x 75     Fins

I think I might have lost count during the Kick drills because my Garmin can't track them. But I did at least 5 x 75. By the way, Catch up is pulling with one arm while the other remains in front. The pull arm returns to the front before the other arm pulls. With a normal freestyle stroke, your arms are constantly alternating.

By the time I was doing the last set of "Fin" drills, I felt like I had my breathing locked in. I found that releasing my breath right before my face cleared the water and tilting back slightly allowed me to easily inhale without "water-boarding" myself like usually do. I was also breathing every two strokes instead of every four.

I rinsed in the shower and decided to get into the sauna for a few minutes to dry off slightly. The sauna was packed! There must have been about seven Russian dudes and one Asian guy exercising in the middle. The Russian guys acted as if the guy exercising was business as usual and busied themselves with putting more water on the hot rocks and getting up to stand over the hot rocks acting like they weren't hot enough! As I sat there watching each guy got up stepped over to the rocks and put their hands over the rocks as if trying to warm up from the cold. I almost felt like I should do it to. Or do knee bends like the Asian guy.
After about ten minutes of this, I was done so I headed home to go to dinner with the wife.

We returned about 11:00 pm and at about 11:45 pm I felt digested and headed out for the second workout of the day. An easy "sub-zone 2" ride with some intervals of my choosing into Zone 3.

I have got to get on a day schedule. I didn't even start riding until 12:43am. There is a certain peace in zooming around under your own power at night. Exploring places up close. But, it would also be nice to see those same places in daylight.
I decided to give a road test to the Biologic Rechargeable iPhone Case tonight. I will do a product review later.

The ride itself was excellent. Lot's of new roads and byways to see and even some riding on a couple of major streets.
 I found this in an alley behind a plumbing supply. It says Chuck Norris Rules.

I kept it easy like coach said and added some 30 second Zone 3 paces.

So I didn't get a haircut yesterday. But I did get to use my Asics, headband due to the wind last night.

 (That's my vis-a-vi face.)

Well it's 7:35 am and I'm exhausted. Until tomorrow my friends.

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