Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Day 48 - Perfect Swim, New Adventures and Moonlight Rides

March 26, 2013          243.6 lbs

Today was a brick workout of swimming and biking. Once again starting late, I was able to swim 1034 yds. out of 2400 yds assigned before pool closure. Tonight there was a brief period where I really felt like I finally connected all the dots. Everything seemed in sync for about two lengths of the pool. My breathing, pull as I twisted my body, kick, head position, everything. Since I was little I seemed to be tall and lanky. This was the case until my mid twenties when I started carrying weight in my torso. As I was gliding through the water this evening, taking full advantage of my long arms and body, I had the thought that I missed out not getting into swimming for sport as a child. I think I might have done well. Anyhow, I have the opportunity to swim well now. I might even look into the U.S. Masters Swimming organization. A program for adult swimming and competition. Might be fun!

Darn this desire to try new adventures! It all started with that first 5k and was cemented with my first sprint triathlon. Some other things that I would like to try include, kayaking, indoor rock climbing, para sailing and bike and swim "tours." All this is a side effect of that pesky exercise!

After the swim I threw on my Voler California Triathlon kit, grabbed my bike and helmet and headed out for an hour ride with 6 x 30 seconds fast, high cadence spins.

As usual I went to Chandler Blvd but as I have been doing lately, after riding to the end of the path, I immediately decided to begin exploring. The moon was almost full and there was plenty of visibility out there. The bike felt very natural to my hands. I really enjoy seeing these new areas.

Look what I rode past!
Even though I work in the film industry, (that is, when I work), it was kind of cool. I found all kinds of hidden roads that I could ride in safety.

At the end of the ride I was starving! I don't know why either as I had eaten throughout the day and had dinner, (why I was late for swimming.) So on the way home, I did the unthinkable, I stopped and got a couple of doughnuts! Not exactly vegan but as I said before, I have to be completely honest with this blog. So I probably ate about what I worked off. Oh, well. I eat clean 98% of the time, I can survive this.

Tomorrow is an easy recovery week 45 minute run. Am I in a recovery week? Until tomorrow my friends.

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