Thursday, March 28, 2013

Day 49 - Goofy Ankles, Personal Records and Epsom Salts

March 27, 2013          243.2 lbs

Today I ran for the majority of forty-five minutes. Still a little worried about my goofy ankle, I was cautious of my stride and pace. I started with a five minute walk to warm up followed by my rehab running technique of running for ten minutes and walking for one and repeating the run/walk until time is up.

I discovered that if I concentrated on turning my foot slightly inward while doing my forefoot running, my ankle didn't hurt. Though I expected it to at any minute, it never did. Pain free run. As I write this a few hours later, I don't have any soreness. I'm going to ease back into going farther in the next run.
I almost missed it but while uploading my Garmin metrics file into Strava, I noticed that I had a tiny medal next to the activity. By clicking it, I discovered that I had PR'd, (personal record) while running tonight. I'm still unclear exactly where and how long but hey, that's cool!

The funny thing is, I wasn't trying at all. I was only focused on staying in Zone 2 and not messing up my ankle again. It's now 4:29 am and I'm considering another round of these.

That's right, Epsom Salts!

By the way, we passed 2000 views today. If you like this blog, please share it with the world. Thanks as always. Until tomorrow my friends.

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