Friday, March 29, 2013

Day 50 - Pull Buoys, Handwriting Stains and Toluca Lake

March 28, 2013           243.6 lbs

Another brick workout day. Assigned a 3500 yard swim and a one hour "easy spin" ride. I have no idea what easy spin means so I just rode really.  .  .well, easy!

Ready to swim!

My swimming technique is steadily getting better. There are times when I feel almost like I only need two or three strokes to cross the pool. One of the drills this evening was 10 x 75 yds with a pull buoy, breathing every third stroke for 25 yds, then every fifth stroke for twenty five yds, then every seventh stroke. 
Not sure what exactly the drill is supposed to teach you, but I felt less panicky about getting my breath by the end. It also motivated me to swim faster and harder. As the drill goes on, it gets harder to get enough breath each time you surface and working through that oxygen depleted state shows you that you can do more than you think with less air. At least that's my take on it. I loved it!

You know how I write my swim workouts out on the back of my hand? The other morning I woke up with most of my workout on my face. I washed it off before I realized I should take a picture. 

I headed home at 10:00 pm hungry. Fortunately, the wife had made a tasty meal of organic southwestern corn chowder, a mixed green salad kale, Swiss chard and spinach and steamed rosemary sweat potatoes. Yum-my!

After a little while digesting, it was time to go ride. So off to Chandler. The moon is still pretty full so I have a lot of visibility out there, even late at night. 

I attempted to retrace my route from my previous ride and then I went further. I also kept my heart rate in Zone 2 pretty well.
 Tomorrow is another forty-five minute run. Let me hear from you if your digging the blog. Until tomorrow my friends.

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