Saturday, March 30, 2013

Day 51 - The Old People Story, Scaring Skater Kids and New Records.

March 29, 2013          244.2 lbs

A study was once done where a group of people in their sixties was asked, "What has been your favorite decade of your life so far?" The sixty year old's said, "This one I'm in right now." Then they asked some seventy year old's. And the seventy year old's said, "This one I'm in right now." They asked some eighty year old's and the eighty year old's said the same thing, "This one I'm in right now." Then they were all asked what their second favorite decade was and all of them said, their fifties.

Some people fear getting older. Apparently, it's not all that bad. By the way, they asked the ninety year old's to but they kept forgetting the question!

I'm 43 and in the last three years, I have "lived" more than I did in the previous two decades. I wish I could eloquently describe how incredible I feel and my thirst for life is growing. I look at the time I wasted sitting on my couch, not venturing out for whatever silly excuse I would tell myself. Using food as the last of several addictions trying to fill some hole inside that was bottomless. I'm so far from that person today.
I want to adventure out and see more, live more, be more than I have up to now. Today is the fifty first day of my Ironman training. I can't remember the last time I did something this consistently. I love this journey I am on and even more, love to hear from people that are inspired by my story. So keep up the good work, wherever you are and whatever you are doing to improve your health.

I often get asked about weather or not vegan food is tasty. Of course it is!

Today I had an easy forty-five minute run with six, thirty second "Fast" pace ups. After dinner at one of our favorite restaurants with a little digestion time, I headed out.
One very good "side effect" of eating vegan is you don't feel "heavy" after eating most of the time. 

 Tools of the trade.
I swore at one time that I would never wear these silly "socks." What a dork! Well my coach suggested wearing them to help support my injured calf and they work very well. By the way, they are not socks, they are actually "compression" socks.
I got to the path and started walking, carefully evaluating my foot falls and cadence checking to be sure that the ankle was up to the fast work ahead. I programmed my Interval Run app with the correct intervals and took off.

Everything went just fine. For a long portion, a group of skater kids paced me. A young girl got ahead of me right before I had the first pace up. Next thing I know, I'm running beside her and she thinks I'm chasing her and freaks out a little! 
No problems with the fast pace segments. I was very careful not to heal strike and stay light on my feet. One thing, I was huffing it and sweating thoroughly. If my heart rate went up too high, I would walk a few seconds until it dropped. Also, during one of the intervals, I thought I saw a thirteen minute something time. I thought, "Hey, maybe I PR'd again!" Actually, I got seven.

Tomorrow, I ride for three hours. I would like to give some recognition to my friend John Villanueva who is battling back to health from a traumatic head injury from a vehicle accident. You can do it Johnny! Be the example for your daughter! Also, I would like to say "Kia ora" to all the New Zealand readers! Until tomorrow my friends.

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