Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day 52 - Hansen Dam, Near Misses and Monks with Phones

March 30, 2013         243 lbs

Today I had a three hour, steady Zone 2 assigned. Well, due to some wacky circumstances, I got on the road a little late. As a result, I ended up riding after dark for a bit. Not new, but a first on the bustling boulevard next to my house. I had hesitated to do it up to now because of how busy the road can be. I headed to Hansen Dam where I participated in my very first triathlon in August 2012.
I was nervous. I thought that my elevated heart rate all the way to the Dam was because of it. That is until I realized it was all uphill!
Along the way there were a few near misses from vehicles that either didn't care or weren't watching what they were doing. Mental note, try harder to get an indoor trainer and or do not ride at this time of day again on this road.

Riding on top of Hansen Dam was beautiful. The Dam curves around creating a little valley of tree's within. I saw a monk walking along who gave me a "Namaste" as I waved past. Farther on, I saw another monk with an iPhone taking pictures. Hey, why not?
I rode around on top for a little while but the sun was going down and I didn't really want to be on the same road home in the dark.  I wanted to see the Aquatic Center before I left so I headed over but it was closed. I'll have to wait until May before I can swim there in the longest pool in the western United States.

The sun was getting low on the horizon, so I headed back home. Fortunately, it was mostly down hill. I got back to my neighborhood in the dark and I realized my headlamp is either dying or just needs to be stronger.

I think I will have to go back in the early morning sometime.

This is called the Road ID. Basically, a bracelet that has pertinent contact info if you ever get in an accident on the road. The police/EMT's/paramedics will know who to get a hold of. It is a little morbid to prepare for something like this, but a reality everyone that cycles has to be ready for.

That's it for now, until tomorrow my friends.

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