Monday, April 1, 2013

Day 53 - The Walking Dead, Kissing and POSE'ing

March 31, 2013         242 lbs

Happy Easter if you celebrate it!

Today I had another "brick" workout. I headed to the pool early as I wanted to get home in time to watch the season finally of The Walking Dead. And to show what a nerd I am, I have followed the graphic novel since the beginning.

3100 yds was the assignment:

400 Warm up
6 x 150 (50 Kick board, 50 Drill- meaning any I choose, 50 swim.)
4 x 200 (100 Catch up drill, 100 Swim with 30 seconds rest.)
4 x 200 (Long steady swim. Whenever it says swim, that means Freestyle for me.)
200 Warm down.

I'm still working on proper head position. I'm finding that when my head is in the right place, it's easier to do everything. Hey, that applies to life to!
Anyways, I'm finding that tucking my chin almost to my chest is the right spot for me as I swim. Another aspect is keeping my head in the same position as my body rotates with the strokes. My shoulders come almost to my lips at the end of the catch and pull. To remind me of proper form, I call the technique "Kiss your shoulders goodbye!"™Focused on my breathing a lot as well.

 Got finished and arrived home in time for the show. My wife had dinner waiting. Hooray! After dinner plus sometime to digest, I headed out to run. The assignment, one hour- easy and steady. I was a little concerned about my right shin because since my previous run, I've had a slight burning sensation like the beginning of shin splints. I don't heal strike when I run, the leading cause of shin splints, so I didn't know what it was. I was determined to go ahead and run until I had a reason not to. After what I went through with my left leg, it's no wonder I had concerns.
I was also a little excited to see how far I could go in one hour as it has been awhile. I started with a five minute walk to warm up my legs and to focus on my running technique. As I said, I don't heal strike. Instead, I do mid and forefoot running. I do this because I get shin splints really easy and I have bad knees. A friend turned me onto the Vibrams which you can't really heal strike in without feeling it throughout your entire body. Running in them makes you use your entire leg like a shock absorber. I had also studied the POSE method of running which is a mid/forefoot style so I adapted quickly.
I felt pretty good throughout the run but by the end, I was having to push myself.

Final time 1:00:19 seconds. I burned 690 calories and ran 4.1 miles! During the swim, I burned 829 calories. That's 1519 calories total. Well, I'm glad I have tomorrow off! Until tomorrow my friends.

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