Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Day 55 - Jammers, Olympics, TYR Custom Goggles and the Big Pool

April 2, 2013          243.2 lbs

Early this morning I made the mistake of posting yesterdays blog link into a triathlon group I'm a member of on Facebook. I did it before I asked permission and the admin removed it because they didn't feel it was triathlon related. I should have checked first and for that I apologize. To me, it's all triathlon related, though I can see their point of view. However, every time I do a product review it will be equipment for a race or to help you to train for a race. I think another person thought I was trying to sell it. I am not. Although, if I can arrange it, I might have a contest to win one! Though I want people to share my journey, I don't want it to be annoying and so I felt bad about it.

Today, I had a brick workout of biking and swimming. I started with the bike although in all triathlons, you would swim first, then bike and then run. Chris Hauth, my coach usually post two weeks of workouts at a time for me. Looking over my schedule, I see we are starting to increase the overall training volume. I guess this means I'm progressing!

I decided not to risk riding to Hansen Dam because it was traffic time, so I drove there. As you can see from the pictures, it was beautiful.

I was assigned a one hour ride with with the last fifteen to twenty minutes at Zone 3 heart rate. There were just too many people walking on top of the Dam for the fast riding. Mental note: Must not go to Hansen Dam at this time again. Time to head home and get ready for the swim. 454 calories
Got home and changed into my "jammers." Jammers are the type of swim suit the US Men's Swim team wore in the last Olympics. Speaking of the Olympics, I always watch when they are on. I love the promise of the opening ceremony and the thrill of the medal winners. One aspect I have renewed interest and respect for is the swimming events. I have been watching videos of the London Games recently for swimming technique.
I grabbed my towel and water proof case and headed out to the pool. There were several people already there so I had to kind of make my own lane by just swimming straight at people. One good thing about being my size is I have the "Moby Dick Effect" on people. That is when people move for fear of being dragged under by The White Whale! I'm just kidding. Pretty straight forward workout.

3000 yards= 200 warm up, 200 kick, 200 pull, then 16 x 150 super steady.

I really focused on feeling what muscles I was activating with the pull. Feeling it in my lats and the rear of my shoulders. It's easy to do the freestyle stroke with only your arms and also, a bad idea. By using your lats and rotating your body with the pull, you wont tire as fast. I'm making sure to only swim as fast as I can effectively do the stroke with proper technique. If I go too fast and my techniques begins to fall apart, then I slow down enough to get it back. I do this no matter how many younger guys are giving me the old "try to keep up, old man" stink face.
Another thing I have been doing is imagining my hands are twice as big and I make sure that I feel the pull on both my forearms and hands. When I get it right, I zip across the pool in no time.
711 calories.

Lately, I have been on a complete night schedule. I'm going to change that real soon. That got me thinking about swim goggles for daytime in the pool. I found this excellent feature for custom swim goggles on the TYR website. What fun! Just select the goggle type and then whatever color options you want including lens type. Polarized lenses block more UV which means less squinting.

I choose the metallic red lenses to provide contrast against the blue of the pool. In May, the Hansen Dam Aquatic Center opens up and I'm gonna swim there. It has a swim lake! I'm not even joking. It is 1.5 acres of pool goodness. 150 meters long. That's a lot of pool and a lot of blue.

That's it for now. Until tomorrow my friends.

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