Friday, April 5, 2013

Day 57 - The Upside Down Sky, TYR Thoughts and Finding a New Pool.

April 4, 2013           244 lbs

 Look at that sky! Looks like if you turned it upside down it would look like the sun setting on the ocean.

Okay first a word about my new TYR custom swim goggles, I love them! I love them so much that I'm going to marry them.  .  .  well actually, I love them so much that I ordered another set for night swimming.

The ones I got are excellent for day time through dusk, but I got lenses that are not only metalized but smoked. So as it gets darker, things get a bit more hazy. That's fine as I designed them for bright daylight. The new ones are mostly clear to let in as much ambient light as possible. The lenses are clear as well but they are polarized.

I contacted TYR about sponsorship. They responded, very nicely I might add, that they had used up their sponsorship budget for the year. It's probably better as I might make them go bankrupt making custom goggle designs for me! Don't know why I like it so much. Perhaps it's the artist in me.

 Today's swim workout was the following: 3000 yards (1.7 miles)

400 Warm up, 800 with every 3rd 50 drill, 600 pulling, 400 swim, 400 every 3rd 50 no freestyle, 200 kick, 200 swim.

I did the workout in 1:07:02, a first for me. I'm getting faster and more powerful as I'm taking less strokes to get across the pool and need less rest between sets. Plus I can see and feel the changes in my body that is benefiting from all the swimming. Wouldn't mind having the body of a swimmer. After the swim workout and all through dinner, I was crackling with energy. One of the benefits of working out. When you train properly, you don't have debilitating fatigue.

Headed home and ate with The Boss at one of our favorite restaurants. Lotus Vegan in North Hollywood, CA.
After dinner I took care of a bunch of stuff that was piling up, changed and headed for Chandler. I had an hour easy ride to accomplish. I started around 2:00 am! Oh, well.  .  .

Rode all around Burbank and discovered more little alcoves of nice houses, hidden away. Kept it steady and in Zone 2. Had one incident were I was trying to hit the cross button at a light and almost fell on my butt, but was able to balance at the last second.
One very cool thing I discovered was the construction of a new swimming pool complex called the Verdugo Recreational Park. The pool looks to be an Olympic size lap pool! Boy that would be nice to swim. Finished a little after 3:00 am and piled back into the car to head home. By the time I arrived, it was 3:30am. I'm writing this at 5:09 am. This is my life, this is the life I choose and I love it. But I am working on getting into a day schedule. I'm going to shower then head to bed so I can wake up at 10:00 am. I have a lot happening tomorrow. Until tomorrow my friends.  .  .or until later today!

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