Monday, April 8, 2013

Day 60 - Progress Shot, Lethargy and The Womens Shower

April 7, 2013           240.6 lbs

Today is officially two months of training. Whahooo! Here is a progress shot. Taken first thing in the morning so the fat hadn't been affected by gravity yet. The picture makes me look thinner than I am.

I slept really late today probably trying to recover. I had two workouts assigned. 3500 yards of swimming and one hour and fifteen minute long run.

I arrived at the pool at a little past 8:00 pm. Posted a quick Facebook pic and started. Here is the workout.
3500 yards: 400 choice warm up, 6 x 150 (50 kick, 50 pull, 50 swim), 5 x 100 steady with 5 seconds rest, 400 cruise active recovery, 4 x 100 steady with 10 seconds rest, 200 cruise active recovery, 3 x 100 steady with 15 seconds rest, 400 cruise active recovery, 200 warm down.

Felt pretty good but had a tough time focusing on technique for some reason. Maybe it was left over from yesterday. After the race yesterday, I was exhausted but I also became lethargic and forgetful. So much so, that I messed up an errand I was supposed to do for the wife and then left my ATM card in the machine! During the active recovery portions I fell into an almost moving meditation. I breathed whenever I needed to but would get to the other side and not remember taking any breaths or even turning around sometimes. It was so relaxed and effortless, complete autopilot.

 (I actually took the picture at the beginning.)

Finally swam the last length and saw it was after 10:00 pm. Doh! I jumped into the hot tub for a minute, rinsed off in the woman's shower as no one was in there and sat in the sauna for a couple minutes, then headed home.

3562 yds        1hr 31min 36sec    Total calories 1079

Have help the wife with taxes tonight so the run is out. Until tomorrow my friends.

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