Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Day 61 - Moby Mike- The White Whale!

April 8, 2013            244 lbs

Look at the weight at the top of the page. Yesterday, it was 240.6 lbs. That is my life.

Today is a rest day. The only thing I did was my taxes at the accountants where I discovered I owe $5,000.00.

On the other hand, I had a great lunch with the wife and a good conversation with a friend online. Sometimes it really is the little things. Oh yeah, there was one other thing.  .  .

I heard back from two sponsors, each offering a different sponsorship level! One, though very kind, was a bit impractical for me and the other, very generous, considering I am a complete nobody! I cant go into more details today until I find out some deal points.

In the meantime, here is a video of my swimming progress. I made it for my coach to evaluate me. I have to admit, it is a little depressing to watch from a body image stand point. And I wrestled with posting it. However, I have to face what I see and acknowledge it. Or I will never change. It is frustrating considering I didn't begin my weight loss journey 61 days ago, but three years ago. And trust me when I say I have tried everything. I just don't lose weight. I have faith in what Chris tells me though, so I'm biding my time until the shift happens and my body begins drawing more of it's fuel from my fat. I'll post any technique pointers Chris Hauth gives me. By the way, I don't normally look forward anymore. Not sure why I kept doing it in the video.

Until tomorrow my friends.


  1. Mike try to get in the habit of taking a breath every three strokes this will force you to breathe from both sides of your stroke. You will want to do this so you can gauge where you are and where you are going especially in murky water.

  2. Yeah buddy I do, and every five and every seventh. Lol! In this video I was trying to show my body rotation for the breath.