Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day 62 - Short But Sweet!

April 9, 2013           243 lbs

Woke up early today, well early for me anyways ay 9:30 am. Even with that, I didn't get to my swim until 7:00 pm and the bike until 11:45 pm.

Today's pool workout was another big one. 3400 yards: 800 warm up with 200 kick, 200 pull, 800 with every third length- head up drill, 3 x 600 - 200 kick, 200 pull and 200 swim building in speed each time through. For whatever reason, I had trouble focusing and my timing was all over the place.

I jumped out and immediately into the hot tub for five minutes of therapy. Then rinsed off and I'm heading home. Man, it was cold out there and windy!
 The wife made a special 100% raw vegan dinner. It was very tasty! After dinner and a bit of digestion, and I was heading for my bike ride.

I was assigned to ride for an hour and include 1 minute fast pace uphill.  I ended up climbing a steep road leading to my favorite hiking spot. 968 feet of elevation, a first for me. After the workout I was spent. I made sure to eat a recovery smoothie though! Well, that's it.

Until tomorrow my friends.

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