Thursday, April 11, 2013

Day 63 - Born To Run, The Cure for Depression and Quit Demons™

April 10, 2013          242 lbs

Today's workout was an easy "chillin" run of one hour. I decided to run along Glenoaks Blvd. near my house on the sidewalk. I have been hesitant to run it because it has several rolling hills and I wasn't sure if I was up for it yet.
Tonight I was pressed for time and thought "Oh, what the heck?" Plus I kind of wanted to see if I could do it.
So after a five minute warm up, I started running at an easy pace. Listening to the audiobook of Born to Run by Christopher McDougall for the fifth or sixth time. Yes, it is that good of a story. I was acutely aware that I was running downhill for the first half of the run, reminding myself to save some energy for the return trip. The worst part of every run is the first ten to fifteen minutes. That is when my body and sweat glands first start waking up and before I have relaxed into the rhythm. This is when the Quit Demons™ are the loudest. Here is what I know, just like depression, it will pass. As long as I keep going, I will find the rhythm and my body will adapt to the running until I get to the place where it is okay. As my running improves, I notice that I am having moments where I enjoy the experience during and not just at the finish.

During my run this evening, I couldn't help but enjoy the fact that, even though I was running up hills, I wasn't getting too tired to finish. A testament to the training.

Very happy with how I feel and other than needing a nice massage, my legs are feeling great. Until tomorrow my friends.

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