Friday, April 12, 2013

Day 64 - Another Brick in the Wall, the Haunted Street and the Worlds Biggest CD

April 11, 2013           241 lbs

Today was a brick. A solid 3500 yards or two miles swim followed by a nice bike ride through Burbank.

I made sure I had two smoothies this morning. A kale and blueberry, followed an hour or so later by my normal mango, date and banana plus raw protein powder. When I got to the pool, the sun was still out enough that I put a little sun block on.

The workout went like this: 3500 yards - 300 swim, 200 catch up, 100 swim.  9x50 slow/med/fast with 10 sec rest.  9x100 steady pace with 10 sec. rest.  9x50 fins REALLY fast with 15 sec. rest. 9x100 breathing every 3, 4, 5 by 100 - 3x through. 200 warm down.

Did well through everything up to the "Really Fast Fins" then I was sucking air. One thing that I'm noticing,  is how much faster I can catch my breath after doing anything strenuous. But even with fins, my technique deteriorates the faster I get.

After all the technique sets, it was dark out and I only had the warm down. It's interesting that as these workouts progress, I find myself thinking, "Just 300 yards to go." Just two months ago, the idea of a 300 yard warm up was intimidating.

I hopped into the hot tub for a few minutes, rinsed off and jumped into the sauna for five. I overdo it if I stay longer. I headed home afterwards where the wife had a tasty dinner waiting.

Around 10:30 pm I headed for Chandler for the hour and fifteen minute easy ride. Once again I rode through some of the interesting neighborhoods I have discovered during my adventures recently. I found one road so small and dark that it gave of a haunted feel looking at it.

One thing I really enjoy during these night rides is riding through the streets that are completely dark. Because you almost get a sensation of flying through space. Cutting through a random alley, I found this.

A giant cd exhibit, complete with trailer and sound system. More of the strange things I see out there. I rode over to Tony's Darts Away to see if my friend Rod Schumacher a.k.a. "Hot Sauce Rodz" was having a beer. (Rod makes some really great boutique hot sauces. Check him out here. Anyways, I didn't see him so I continued on. Finally, the ride was over and I was at the car thinking about eating again as I was pretty hungry. Lately, I think about eating rice and roasted sweet potatoes after rides.

While riding I like to reflect on who I am and my progress to be a better person. This evening, I thought about how upset I used to get and sometimes still do when people question what I tell them. You see by default, I don't ever say anything that is untrue. I guess I expect people to know this about me as it is one of the foundations I live by. During the last couple of months, I finally came to the conclusion, I don't care if people believe me or not. I don't need to prove myself. What a revelation! Sounds simple right? Except it goes back to a strong need to be accepted from my childhood. We moved around a lot which made it hard to "fit in" and guaranteed being treated like an outcast at every new school. Anyways, this journey I'm on isn't just about getting into shape, it is about me growing beyond the barriers I have built up around me. And the work continues.  .  .

Until tomorrow my friends.

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