Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day 66 - Triathlon Lab, Felt Up at a Party, A Big Win and Skratch Hydration

April 13, 2013       243.6 lbs

Today's workout was a three hour and thirty minute bike ride. Instead I went to the Triathlon Lab 2013 Season Kick off Party at Triathlon Lab in Santa Monica.

I was running late so I didn't get to see all the vendors but I met with some nice people from Profile Designs and Felt Bicycles.

I got to see some brand new equipment and sample some of the latest performance nutrition from Power Bar, Bonk Breakers and Active.

Felt had a strong presence at the party. They showed up with several demo models of the new DA2 which comes with carbon "clincher" wheels and electronic gear shifting. They were offering free test rides.

By the way, that black and gray thing above the pedals is an aerodynamic water bottle! Show's how new I am. A beautiful bike, just a little out of my price range of $0 to Sponsorship. Ha! Get it? Ahem.  .  . Anyways, I met Q the Felt representative who hooked me up with a free t-shirt!

Thanks buddy!
They had an ongoing raffle from the time I got there. I didn't feel right about putting in a ticket after the drawing had started so I browsed.

Mark Vincent Tipton the organizer of the Hansen Dam Triathlon, my alma mater, was on MC duty. After all the prizes where distributed, one other prize was announced as a surprise. Mark began asking the crowd who had been riding for ten years? A few hands raised. Next five years. A few more. He next said one year. Two hands. Finally, six months. One hand, mine. To my surprise, Mark called me up! He next said, "Let's wheel it on in here." I won a bike! I was ecstatic because I never win anything. I'm starting to freak out inside thinking that I may have just solved my lack of a tri bike situation.
 Alas, it was a beach cruiser. A lot of things flashed through my mind. The first was, I have no room for this! My wife already has a bike and I had no way to get it home. Plus, there were several people who looked really disappointed at not winning. So in a split second, I decided to give the bike to someone else whom wanted it more.
So back on the raffle circuit it went. And to a guy that had left work early to get to the party at the end. Made his day. In hindsight, I could have given it away to a friend who might have wanted to start riding or something like that so I apologize to anyone that's thinking, "Darnit! I would have liked that bike!" I appreciated winning it!

After the party I was checking out the store as usual when I stumbled on Skratch Hydration. First thing I always do is check out the ingredients. Especially looking for the term "natural flavors" as that is often code for MSG. If you don't know, MSG is in almost everything processed. Yes, everything! It's used as a flavor enhancer and one of the things it does is prevent you from feeling satiated when full. You ever wonder why you cant stop eating that bag of potato chips? Now you know. Anyways, the label checked out at least as far as I can tell. It is so rare to find any company that uses all natural products. So I bought a bag of the raspberry flavored hydration mix and took it home to try. Tasty! It isn't like anything else on the market. One drink and it is obvious that this product is a different animal. Cant wait to use it on my rides!

Well that's it for now. Until tomorrow my friends.

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