Thursday, April 18, 2013

Day 70 - Crash Day Two, Chris Hauth and Chlorine.

April 17, 2013          240.6 lbs

Today I had a one hour easy run. Due to the boo-boo from last night, I didn't feel up to running today and thought it best to rest. When I landed on my leg, I slightly tweaked the muscle. But!

I didn't just sit around, I actually made sure to walk and move as much as I could to help fight the stiffness in my leg. Last night after cleaning the wound, I sprayed some Neosporin on it and made sure to hold my leg slightly bent to dry, so the wounds wouldn't tear open when I moved around today.

Day two of healing. 

So I contacted my coach Chris Hauth today to tell him about the crash and sent him the bloody picture from yesterday's blog. His reply:

"Looks like you can still ride and run and swim, no?"

When I asked if it was okay to swim with this kind of wound, he said:

"Why not, chlorine kills all."

Hahahaaha! That's my coach! He is a master of not letting peoples minds get the best of them. Tomorrow, I will be swimming and biking again.

On another note, I'm trying to put sponsor links on the page but having some difficulty. So to Voler and Kurt Kenetic I apologize! Until tomorrow my friends!

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