Sunday, April 21, 2013

Day 73 - San Gabriel River, Disneyland Scary and Emergency Chinese Food!

April 20, 2013        242.6  lbs

Big day today. The workout was a three hour and forty-five minute bike ride followed immediately by a fifteen minute run to find my legs rhythm after a long ride.

I headed to the Rio Hondo/San Gabriel River Trail a bit later than I wanted but figured I had just enough time to get in the ride before sundown. Chris told me to hold a very steady pace in Zone 2.

If you look off in the distance you can see a fire in the middle of the picture above. It never got any bigger though. I also saw a horsey! Actually, I see several on the trail.

Speaking or horses, even though I was supposed to stay in steady zone 2 heart rate, for some reason, I kept unleashing my own horses and riding way to hard.

Every time I ride this trail, I look at Santa Fe Dam and think, "I wonder if I can make it to the top of this Dam." Well today, I decided to try it. I made it, although very, very slowly up to the top. It reminded me of Hansen Dam except the trail on top was newer and smooth.

My timer program told me I passed the halfway point, but I wanted to see the end of the Dam. So I kept going knowing that I would be riding the trail after dark. Not a good idea. Eventually, I got to the end and headed back the way I came. This instead of following the loop I normally would during the Saturday morning "Flat Forty" ride with the California Triathlon club.

Some really beautiful stuff to see out there.

 I was motivated to go faster when I got onto the trail again as dark was falling quickly.

One thing about the Rio Hondo trail is, no matter which direction you are traveling in, it feels like you are riding into headwinds! After the sun went down completely, I was almost back to the start. I dropped into a very long and blackened underpass tunnel. It was so dark the the reflection of my blinking headlight just barely caught the white lines painted on the path. I had a few seconds where I had no bearing, only the feel of the bike. Almost like Space Mountain at Disneyland. I could see almost nothing. Suddenly, I just barely caught the outline of some kids, dead center in the tunnel riding scooters. I yelled to watch out, as they scrambled out of the way. Mental note, get a better/stronger headlight.

Not long after, a drunk woman almost stumbled in front of the bike. Finally, I reach the trail head right at the three hour mark. I still had forty-five minutes of biking left and the run but I was feeling ravenous from all the extra work I did during the ride. Right next to the trail was a Chinese restaurant so I popped in and had a quick dinner. Thanks Shanghai Garden in Arcadia, CA!

 I made it back to Burbank, got the remaining ride in, packed up the bike and took off on the fifteen minute run. My legs felt great. Nice and warmed up from the start, but my breathing was labored. Finished quickly though and headed home.    47.28 mile Bike  1.34 mile Run  2364 calories burned.

Have an early and busy day tomorrow. Gotta be up at six to help a couple friends with their swimming. It's 4 a.m. now. Here is a healing shot of my leg.

Feels much better and looks much better to! Until tomorrow my friends.

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