Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Day 75 - Performance Enhancing Non Drugs, Archways and Recovery

April 22, 2013          243.2 lbs

I'm gonna let you in on a training secret that everyone can benefit from. You want to improve how much oxygen to energy output you have during exercise? Something that is 100% legal and will pass all anti-doping test? Something Lance Armstrong will kick himself in the butt for not taking instead of PED's.

Beet juice.

Today is a recovery day and I needed it. I woke up walking like Frankenstein. All stiff legged and, "Aarrrgh!" but quickly got my legs back. I'm almost never seriously sore, even after big training days. Saturday and Sunday were big days. Part of the reason why, I believe is because I'm careful about eating a post workout snack/meal within an hour of every workout. Some carbs and a little protein powder. About a three to one ratio. Another mistake I used to make when I got really sore, is not moving around. I find that a little movement helps to get rid of any residual lactic acid in the muscles. Sometimes this can be as simple as running some errands. I have read that your nutrition on your recovery days is equally as important as on your workout days. So that's what I do.

I looked in the bathroom mirror and decided the beard had to go. I like wearing the beard because it gives me the illusion of being thinner. I'm notoriously lazy about keeping it trimmed though and it was getting straggly.

While doing some errands this evening, I came across a couple of interesting things. Both in the parking lot of a bank! Only in Burbank!

This is an artificial archway, most likely made for a film and discarded.

This next thing was just cool. Again, same place. Had I not stopped to look at the big foam archway, I would have missed the wall.

Somehow, I felt it summed up my journey.

Thanks to NeoSport for fixing/replacing my wetsuit in record time! Great customer service! How about a sponsorship?

And here is the daily update of my leg injury.

That's it for now. Until tomorrow my friends.

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