Thursday, April 25, 2013

Day 77 - Procrastination Demons, Merrell Shoes and Chasing Shadows

April 24, 2013       238 lbs

Doesn't look like much, but those packages are a big accomplishment for me. Why? Because I have needed to send those things out for some time. Like a month! I have this weird thing that I procrastinate like crazy for absolutely no reason at all about some random specific thing. Case in point. I have needed to mail my Merrell shoes in to exchange them for a larger size for over a month. For whatever reason, it's like I almost get intimidated to do certain things. Anything that requires me to organize something, forget it.I remember always being this way.

Kind of a dark and dreary day here in La La Land.  I ran around all day long taking care of errands. Wasn't until after midnight before I could get my run workout in.

Finally, I made it to Chandler Blvd. Today's workout assignment was a 55 minute recovery run,

The only thing I was chasing, was my shadow.

I'm feeling my feet more and more as I add the miles. I'm thinking that I mat need a shoe design that had a little more padding on the bottom but still a "zero drop." Meaning the heal is no more raised than the forefoot. This is optimal for "barefoot" running. I think I found the perfect shoe! It will be her tomorrow so I'll let you know. Until tomorrow my friends.

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