Friday, April 26, 2013

Day 78 - Reunions, Swim Fins and the Baby Needed A New Pair of Shoes!

April 25, 2013          244 lbs

The wife was out of town for the last week and today she returned. She wanted to spend time with me so I didn't get a lot of training in. A portion of my swim and that was it. 1342 yards out of 3500! I constantly worry I will be dropped by my coach for not being "serious" enough with the training. (Although I need to point out that he has never said anything of the kind.)

If you have paid attention to not only my ramblings, but also that number at the top of the page, on the right. That is my daily weight. If you have been really watching, you know that it hasn't changed much since I started the journey 78 days ago. Several people have recommended I try a juice/smoothie fast to reset my system. So I'm considering it. That might mean that I don't train for a few days while I do it.

My new fins arrived today! I was reading the U.S. Master Swimming page and they recommended these TYR Burner EBP fins over all the others. I have a pair of Finis training fins that are actually a little small for me. These rock! Though I haven't swam with them yet. Only done the dry land Penguin shuffle.

Also, my new running shoes arrived. Can't wait to try/review them later today.

Still barefoot style with zero drop from heal to toe but they look like standard running shoes. My first impression is they are very light weight. Merrell has a great return/exchange program if they need to be switched up.

 Here is a picture from the pool for my daily accountability photo.
Before I forget, I had to return the new wetsuit Neosport sent me to replace my first one with the broken zipper. The reason was, most of the seams where coming unglued. Doh!

And lastly here is my leg boo-boo.
Healing rapidly. Until tomorrow my friends.

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