Monday, April 29, 2013

Day 81 - The Pre Detox Blog Post

April 28, 2013            242 lbs

I don't have a lot to write about today because I worked all day until 2:00 a.m. and couldn't workout. I had a brick workout scheduled. A 2100 yard swim and an easy one hour run.  The last of my recovery week.
I feel pretty bad about it because I'm starting a detox this week. For at least three days, I'm not going to be working out at all. Basically, as long as I have detox symptoms, if any, I'm not supposed to necessarily workout. However, I plan to train as soon as my energy is back.
Over the years I have been exposed to many toxic chemicals because of the nature of my work in the film industry and because I smoked for over twenty years.
I figured that when I became vegetarian three years ago and full vegan a year ago, my body had time to detox on it's own. I guess we will see. No matter what happens, I will do some training next week. The reason I don't seem too excited is because there is a good chance the next three days will feel like withdrawal. As I have written before, I am well acquainted with withdrawal symptoms. Add to that, the feeling of starving and Yay! We are having a party! Though I dread the physical side effects of the detox, I am excited about the positive benefits a detox can have on your system.

And on another positive note, my triathlon club, California Triathlon has asked me to do a little write up each week about my adventures. Kind of what I'm doing now but more of a summary of the week.
Here is a picture of my leg. Almost healed.

Until tomorrow my friends.

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