Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Day 82 - Progress Shot, Detox Day 1, A Donkey and a Lava Rock

April 29, 2013         243.2 lbs

Detox Day 1: Chris Hauth wrote me this a.m. telling me not to worry about the week. We would pick up where we were next week. Today is normally my rest day, so I didn't get too antsy.

As soon as I woke up it was smoothy time. Spinach, oranges and strawberries. Sounds weird but taste great.
Here it is after blending in the Vitamix.

I drank half of it and nursed the rest for a couple hours and relaxed. The only side effect so far was a need to pee constantly and go to the bathroom more than usual.
I had a second smoothie a couple hours later. This one made from, apples, a banana, cinnamon, and cucumber. Again, nursed it for awhile or until The Boss got home. Felt fine all day.

By the time my wife got home, she said I looked thinner. I didn't feel thinner. I decided to head to the hot tub for a few minutes. Keeping in mind that the heat and my lower caloric intake might cause me to get dizzy if I stayed too long.


After a few minutes, my old pal "Ray", an elderly man from the old country, decided to get in. And while telling an amusing story about a donkey and a farmer, began scrubbing the dead skin off his feet with a lava rock. Time to leave.

I'm already sleepy and it's only 12:30a.m. Until tomorrow my friends.

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