Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 102 - WorldFest, Pee Pee Cove and Taco Rice.

May 19, 2013      234.8 lbs

Today I went to something called WorldFest at Balboa Park in Reseda, CA with Kevin Tran and Romeo Victor.

I heard there would be lot's of vegan food to try. It ends up, it was an Earth Day festival. I very much care about the environment so I found it a worthwhile event. Plus, I had some excellent Italian Ice and some very tasty raw Pad Thai from Bodhi Tree Cafe.

Afterward, I headed home to take care of some work and errands realizing that I was suddenly crunched for time again. I had a brick workout scheduled of a 3200 yard swim and a one hour, twenty minute run.

I knew I could get the swim in but the run would be trickier. Here is the workout.

3200 yards: 400 swim - 200 kick - 200 pull - 800 swim right into a 200 kick - 4x100 pull right into a 200 kick with 5 sec rest - 800 every other 50 catch up or drill.

About halfway through the first 800 yard set a friend of mine showed up with a brand new goggles.

That's Jacob my little swimming buddy. It got tough to finish the workout because I kept trying to keep an eye on him. This time Jacob brought his older brother Mathew, who wanted swimming tips too. The boys father watched briefly and headed for the sauna, only coming back out near the end. Once I felt confident that the boys were swimming alright, I turned my concentration back to finishing the workout. Because I was pressed for time, I think I put a little more intensity in the last 800 yards. Reaching and pulling hard.

Afterwards, I headed home and had some incredible raw taco rice, that's right, raw. Basically, taco flavored wild rice that has been "bloomed" instead of cooked. All I know is I'm still losing weight and feel pretty great.

This journey is more than just about getting healthy or a race for me, I'm making a concerted effort to evolve as a human being as well. In order to do that, like dealing with addiction, I have found it requires brutal honesty in facing oneself and in dealing with others. One thing I was reminded of today, was not to be too quick to judge. During today's swim workout, I noticed a man standing in the corner for awhile in a part of the pool I've named Pee Pee Cove. In my experience this usually means the guy is peeing in the pool. I know this because I have to swim through it. He saw me shaking my head. Next thing I know, on my return lap, he's leaving the water. Right arm curled and shrunken, right leg stiff. He was a stroke victim. He was in that particular corner because it was easier for him to move and do his physical therapy. I wanted to hang my head in shame. You can bet I smiled and waved hello and goodbye when he got back in the water later on. A lot more work to do I guess.

Tomorrow is a rest day. Until tomorrow my friends.

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