Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Day 104 - Bike Struggles and Being Special

May 21, 2013       237.6 lbs

A few deadlines today, difficult to get my workouts in. Man, am I tired. Once again as I write this, I keep passing out.
The job I was working on had a last minute change which unfortunately, had me working past the pool hours. So no swim. I really try hard not to miss workouts, especially the swimming.

Today was a "brick" day with both swimming and a bike ride scheduled. For the record, my swim workout was the following:

300 swim - 200 kick - 100 pull - 4x25 head up freestyle with 15 sec rest - 6x400 with 1 minute rest. - Steady or getting slightly faster throughout.

I was determined to get the ride in no matter what. Scheduled was an hour and ten minute ride with the last twenty minutes at a faster Zone 3 pace.

It was a nice pleasant evening with a slight chill from the wind. The more I work on the bike, the more I realize I should be in the leaning forward, aero position to really get my techniques down.

Unfortunately, I have not had any luck with bike sponsors so far. I have a lot of respect for all the companies that bother to respond, even if it is to say no. In all honesty, I get it though. A bike is not an inexpensive item, even at cost and even if it is a tax write off. And really, why should anyone give me a bike? I started this blog feeling like I was somewhat unique for some reason. What is it about me and my journey that's different from anyone else's? I don't know. Maybe my honesty and willingness to open up in order to connect with other people who have similar struggles. Losing weight, dealing with addiction, being over forty, trying to get healthy after years of being unhealthy. I don't even believe that eating exclusively plant based is that unique anymore due to it's recent popularity.
Ultimately, I'm an example if anything else, that even if you don't believe you can do something, trying and giving something a chance is a heck of a lot more life changing than sitting around doing nothing. I love my journey and more importantly, I love my life. Something that I took for granted for far too long.

The bike issue will work it's self out one way or another. Until tomorrow my friends.

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